Activities from week 6 - Teachers in Residence

Hi @amgando & everyone :wave:, I’m sharing my activities this week as part of my residency with the NEAR University fellowship program, called Teachers in Residence.:muscle:t3:

Finish week 6 which is part of unit 2 - Blockchain. This week’s theme was “Decentralization and the chain”. As a result of the week, the students chose a topic of interest related to Web 3.0, Blockchain, NFT’s, NEAR, Wallets, Smart Contracts, etc.

Today, Friday, the exhibitions were held by the students and the evidence of this is already on the NEAR Hispano YouTube channel video of the session. The students were quite enthusiastic about the theme, the dynamics of the session and the results obtained.

I uploaded to Google Drive the weekly and daily planning of week 6 corresponding to February 21 to 25, 2022.

I developed a weekly findings log to document all the situations that arise in the sessions and I propose a solution in this regard, this to keep track and control and history of my activities in TiR.

On the other hand, as part of the Education team, together with @Cristian, Luz Margarita and America, we started the first NCI as part of NEAR Hispano Education and today, Friday, we successfully completed the first educational program for the training of instructors within NEAR Hispano.

This week the syllabus, evaluation rubrics, feedback and other documentation of the NEAR Certified Instructors program were developed and we successfully concluded the week with 7 participants.

We were on the lookout for the Discord channels of the educational programs of NEAR Hispano, following up and accompanying the participants.

No doubt this week was a success, we read in the next. :dizzy::smiley:

Thank you very much!!!:wave: