A pause in our activities

Hello Community,

It’s been a while since we made some active noise within this space, and with good reason. Based in Cameroon, the Syzygy Guild’s mission was to bring Web3 and NEAR to our country’s creative and tech spaces, believing that these environments will take a new leap by embracing the future of the internet. Firstly, I outline the factors that have led to our decreased activity:

  • The prevailing skepticism around what everyone describes here in my country as “crypto” (do not distinguish between crypto, Web3, and blockchain technology) was made worse by a crypto trader who disappeared a la “Quadriga” after promising fortune to people who invested with him.

  • Added to this was the bear market that affected our funds and plans. This was manageable, but then everybody we were looking to work with started insisting on fiat payments. This defeated the purpose of our commitment to the NEAR community, which was to bring in new members in exchange for the monthly funding. The conversion to fiat for us is costly and quite a process.

We had started activities like Twitter Spaces, making of our logo, and building partnerships (all of which were available in our reports). Telegram was not yet active but we were slowly building on Twitter. Our DAO funds are still intact, just reduced due to drop in prices by the bear market.

Based on these two factors, we have been forced to pause our activities so as not to continually ask for funds without having the results and impact to show for it.


Our immediate thoughts were to look for ways we can turn this situation into opportunities. For that, we are open to contributions from the community. On our part, thinking of how to introduce and promote Web3 by successfully breaking up the general notion that Web3 is crypto, is the challenge. This is something we are committed to, with or without funding.

Thank you.


Personally, as myself, @beet93. I am still active within the community as part of the Writer’s Guild, which is more global and less regional. Hopefully, at some point in time, we can integrate the syzygy guild activities that concern creatives and writers into the activities here.