404 Tour & Cipher in the Metaverse

404 Cipher
Virtual Event Proposal

404 Cipher is a new touring metaverse crypto hip hop circus event aimed at bringing together the community in fun rap virtual games for all to get involved in.

This concept is in association with cipher.media and 404 collective.

CTRL. 4 artists who came together through the NxM community from 4 continents to take CTRL. Gatt, Fishbrain, Dedeukwu, BSK.

404. The collective that was spawned from the desire to debut 404 artists and connect them on the blockchain in a single historic decentralised collection of artists.

Cipher.media is a platform for minting your raps on an Artificial Intelligent beat and selling as an NFT. They host a 1 hour Cipher show on TokenSmart on Thursdays, and Church of Cipher in the Cipher discord on Sundays. The event commands a LARGE crowd of listeners.



The proposal is to fund a virtual tour across the different metaverse, hosted by CTRL and our 404 network, leaning heavily on the Cipher OG’s who are the backbone of the community.

The pinnacle of this tour would be the Somnium Space VR cipher events, which we will run every week in Somnium Space VR. On top of this, we will be using these connections to help artists host their own shows in the metaverse, with the Somnium event being the cornerstone of this larger 404 metaverse story that is unfolding.

Somnium Space VR

The main goal is to have events that are so dope, that the content made from these events go down in history.

The ultimate version of this would be to have all performers in VR. It would work to have a twitch DJ that has somnium open too and is part of the show fully.

To pull something like this off, everybody in the core Church of Cipher crew needs to be kitted out with VR, and we need things such as prize money funds, and to pay the main hosts and regulars for their immense efforts.

Benefit to NEAR

For many who join Cipher, it is their first interaction with cryptocurrency. This is of huge benefit to NEAR and NxM as it will be bringing artists through the door of many different calibers.

We will be tipping participants in NEAR which is a way to onboard to the protocol. We will make sure that all participants get set up with a NEAR wallet, exposing the NEAR community to a wealth of music artists and talent through which connections can be made.

As part of the show, we will also be shouting out NEAR protocol, and spreading the knowledge. There will be specific slots where we shill NEAR protocol, NxM, DAO Records, etc.

What we need

To support this endeavor, we are hoping NEAR would sponsor the event to make sure the core team CTRL are compensated for hosting the event, and that there is a sufficient prize pool to help bring people up to the mic.

We are asking for $5k per month in NEAR from NxM to fund this endeavor. The breakdown of these costs are as follows:

750 NEAR per month will be used to pay our hosts.

Prize pool.
1000 NEAR per month will be distributed in prize money to contenstants.

750 NEAR per month will be used to market the event and create content and legacy.


@fishbrain Love the idea of bringing more flavor and fun into the virtual space and featuring NxM artists! I see some overlap here with VR DAO as well, so in terms of what we can fund from NxM DAO would be prize money and covering the costs of the hosts. Maybe it makes sense to create 2 separate proposals, one that is aimed at VR DAO and the other for NxM DAO.

@Grace @JMaenen @zeitwarp thoughts?


yep, makes sense @vandal

Hi @vandal and @zeitwarp thanks for your comments! I will certainly submit one to the VR DAO.

I’ve updated the NxM proposal above that it fits better for NxM, covering the costs of prize money, hosts, and help cover costs of content production.

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Hey @fishbrain I didn’t notice any change to the initial proposal regarding the areas of funding from NxM DAO. Can you break them down in $NEAR amounts for us and maybe elaborate a bit more on the benefits for NxM. Cheers!

Hi @vandal I’ve made it a bit clearer now, hope that helps! Lmk if you need anything else.

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@fishbrain I think I still need a bit more clarification. I know in the traditional sense maybe the proposed budget makes sense, but 2500 N a month is in my opinion a bit high. For example, the DAOdrops proposal, which is a weekly event, will use only 670 N, and TYGS Beat Meet is 500 N. I feel like you should start smaller and build up to asking for more, so if that means scaling things down a bit at first, create some milestones and metrics, and provide more detail specific to NxM support.

What are the mechanics of each event? Who is hosting? What content is created to market? How will it be marketed. I know Cipher is a funded project, so if there a way of getting support from them? Maybe there’s a way to convince them to develop on NEAR so that people who are onboarded can use their NEAR to buy Cipher NFTs.

@zeitwarp @Grace @JMaenen what do you think?

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it is a big ticket item for NxM and given the financial constraints of the monthly budget…it’s too much atm imo

maybe we can budget for a test event and then evaluate it for there…but what this really sounds like is a separate Guild / DAO

…so maybe they set up their own 404 Guild/ DAO and get direct funding from the Creatives DAO…and be allied to NxM…??


@zeitwarp if you believe that’s the way to go.

If we can secure funding for 404 through the Creatives DAO, that might be a better way.

yeah, I just think at that level of funding it passes beyond the scope of just NxM…and given that 404 has a separate identity…why not make it a project in its own right with its own funding…

@vandal ?