[2021-08-22] Sputnik / Astro Update

Context on wiki.sputnik.fund.

Last Week


This Week

  • Middleware for v2.sputnikdao.api to be published by MagicPowered (for MetaBUIDL hackers)
  • Commwealth.im integration with v2 SputnikDAO contract is expected to be live.
  • Publish pre-recorded workshop for MetaBUIDL hackers to understand v2 SputnikDAO
  • Middleware for v1 reskin should be testable. Not expecting to ship before hackathon since we are prioritizing stability of the current https://sputnik.fund/ site during the hackathon.
  • Setup DNS to subdomain wiki.sputnik.fund to https://app.gitbook.com/@near/s/sputnikdao/
  • Test collab.land new NEAR bot functionality that allows existing wallets to be associated with accounts.