2021-04-19 Engineering Update


If you are a team/person working on NEAR components and you want your progress updates to be included into the weekly update, please send your updates to eng-updates@near.org .



  • We published EVM developer documentation updates;
  • Improved the Geth compatibility of our Web3 RPC endpoints;
  • Improved the CLI tool and client library for interacting with the EVM;
  • Designed the initial ERC-20 bridging architecture;


  • We were solving the proof verification bug, the solution to which was merged and already deployed to the mainnet. This bug caused around 1% of the users to be unable to finalise their transfers. All the transfers were successfully finalised since then.
  • We’ve designed the way how to bridge tokens into Aurora.
  • We’ve also been working on fixing the problem with Berlin hardfork (which resulted in 1h outage). We’ve merged the PR for optimising Ethereum-side of the bridge (soon to be deployed to the mainnet; the enhancement will reduce bridge maintenance costs). We’ve continued our work on eth-connector and also focused on the Aurora release preparations.


Developer Platform

Node Interfaces

Contract Runtime

  • We are working on a tool that will reproduce Mainnet contract execution locally for better DevX;
  • We unified error handling between Wasmer 0.x and Wasmer 1.0;


We are working hard on flakiness of our integration tests and other kinds of flaky behavior.

Transaction Runtime


  • Our new routing table mechanism is being extensively manually tested;