1. [PROPOSAL] Open Call Demonstra Web3 Manager

  1. [PROPOSAL] Open Call Demonstra Web3 Manager

This month we propose an Open Call for technology and communication professionals to join the Demonstra DAO team to help us with strategic implementations within NEAR. We are looking for a professional who can work with us and help us with the following demands:

  • Internal communication within NEAR that can be Demonstra’s spokesperson on issues and updates that occur within the NEAR ecosystem;
  • Articulation with members of other DAOS in order to think of collective projects and of greater interaction and collaboration;
  • Strategic vision of projects that fit the platforms of other DAOs
  • Assistance in developing Demonstra’s projects on web3 (metaverse / NFTs / mintbase) in order to establish success metrics.

Direction and production (development of content for dissemination of the open call): 100USD

Communication and outreach (external communication and outreach on NEAR forum and partner DAO’s telegram): 100USD

Evaluation and selection (process of analysis and selection of candidates): 150USD

Sub-total: 350 USD

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