[WELCOME] Introducing MotionDAO: A Crypto-economy for the Global Dance-tech Community

MotionDAO offers to dance-tech.net members a context for adoption and creative experimentation with Web3 technologies; investigating its affordances for collaborative ownership, governance and value creation.
Dance-tech(dot)net is a global community of artists and makers working in the intersection of dance and digital technologies connected by web 2.0 technologies; with MotionDAO, we offer a collaborative and co-creative space for Web3 experiments on financial, governance and socio-technical innovation.

MotionDAO’s vision is to support the evolution of Dance-tech from a centralized digital social network to a DAO; therefore exploring the all the instances of the Web3 and a token economy.

We are honored to have the opportunity to develop MotionDAO within the NEAR ecosystem.

MotionDAO will facilitate online co-creation labs that will explore the potential of web3 for the development of the network as a global community, and very importantly. it will offer a generative space for self-organization and creativity in individual/group projects using the Web3 frameworks.
MotionDAO has a core team of 4 international members and the digital networks have more 12000 members communicating in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

MotionDAO project is led by the following matrix of questions:

  1. Can we explore the innovation potential of blockchain technology to develop a sustainable economy within an international arts community?
  2. What if members of a global digital social network have their own cryptocurrency?
  3. What if they can express value and appreciation of their contributions and participation in the network with a crypto-currency that reflects their ethos?
  4. How can we use crypto-economic frameworks to question and inquire about the fundamental architecture, dynamics and ethics of contemporary economic systems?
  5. Can we move from a model of centralized ownership to one of cooperative ownership and decentralized governance DAO ?

MotionDAO proposes several tactics based on the important developments in the Web3 ecosystem:

1.- $MOTION, as a cryptocurrency for dance-tech and associated network members.
2.-The creation of a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).
3.- BUI in MOTION Basic Universal Income in $MOTION tokens; and other distribution / incentive strategies. Develop a Tokenomics model.
4-NFTs Non-fungible Tokens for dance and time based arts the potential for a digiatal marketplace
5.-Introduction of DeFi Descentralized Finance.
6.-Partnerships with festivals and institutions for Web 3.0 education and the use of $MOTION. Pop-up Labs on site.


Based on fundamentals aspects of crypto-economic design, these are the envisioned project nodes for our community value flows:

1.-Digital community of Practice Web 2.0:

Continuous development and maintenance of the digital social networks platforms as the fundamental collaborative content spaces and architecture of the ecosystem of knowledge co-creation and exchange. The creation of an integrated social media platform with Web3 technologies for the dance-tech community.


Evolving towards the creation of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization as a way to transfer ownership and authority to the community members using the frameworks of Platform Cooperativism and Exit to Community.
Use SputnikDAO

Fall 2021

3.-$MOTION: A Digital Currency (ERC20 token)

SMOTION is a cryptocurrency for dancers, dance lovers, performers, artists, creators, innovators, technologists, movers and shakers of embodied arts/somatics and other time-based artistic expressions. It embodies, a collaborative and democratic ethos, the value of movement arts, the primacy of movement and the vital contribution of arts to culture development and knowledge production,

It is envisioned to become an important social currency supporting exchanges of value between network members, nodes and hubs of the international contemporary experimental performance dance and digital arts festivals, art schools, art and research centers, and the like.

$MOTION is an ERC-20 token running on the Ethereum network.

$MOTION main distribution and communication architectures are the digital social networks dance-tech(dot)net and associated network.

IMPORTANT: $MOTION will be bridged to the NEAR Protocol

Drafting a Token Distribution Strategy/Tokenomics

In order to receive MOTION, you need to be a member of any of these digital communities or participate in MOTION educational activities.

In that sense. the MOTION token is aimed to become a social currency of the online communities; as a is a fully exchangeable crypto token, it can be owned and traded outside the digital networks ecosystem, possibly creating network effects impacting its emergent value. More on $MOTION Tokenomics soon.

HOW to get $MOTION (work in progress)?

1.-Participation on monthly LIVE educational and on-boarding sessions. 500 MOTIONS (September 2021)

3.-Apply for a year of Monthly airdrops of 1000 $MOTION per month as an active contributor to the network: an experiment in Basic Universal Income in MOTION BUI in $MOTION.

January 2022

4.-Apply for ART+$MOTIONS Grants: providing artists with MOTION$ and crypto-economic education for its deployment in arts and research projects.

January 2022

5.-Partnership and collaborations with institutions such as festivals, education institutions and research centers./art spaces.

Summer 2022


MOTION Crypto Wallet runs on the social money platform Roll to hold and manage.

You may use Meta-mask or any other ethereum non-custodial wallets.

(This may change based on new protocols and grants)

4.-MotionDAO NFT MarketPlace

Explore and unlock the potential of the NFT (Non-fungible tokens) technology for the market of art/performance digital content distribution and authorship, ownership, education and certification and the potential Integration to the $MOTION token.

Mintbase Store Front

Spring 2022

5.-MotionDAO DeFi

Explore the potential of decentralized finance protocols for liquidity and economic creativity.

Fall 2022

MotionDAO Academy

The development of this vision in this new socio-technical landscape will be leveraged by the creation of MotionDAO Academy and the help of NEAR Protocol for the development of activities:

**Online Web3 on-boarding, co-creation sessions and think-tanks on the affordances of WEB3 for the dance and technology community. **
Online Live Interview series with Web3 specialists, artists and innovators.
One-on-one and P2P coaching.
**Partnerships with festivals, networks and art education institutions. **
Special projects in VR / XR environments

Marlon Barrios Solano is a Venezuelan-American Interdisciplinary Artist, Educator and Researcher. With a hybrid background in movement arts, performance/dance studies, software development and psychology he investigates the intersections of complex systems, embodied cognition, computation, networks, somatic awareness and social innovation in healing, care and art practices.

He is the creator and curator of the social networks dance-tech(dot)net and the producer of the dance-tech interviews.

Marlon was a research associate at the Inter-University of Dance/University of The Arts (UDK/HZT) in Berlin (Germany) from 2013 to 2016. He was a 2017 Hombroich Fellow (Germany), he was artist/researcher in residency at ICK Amsterdam 2013-14 and at the Gilles Jobin Company in Geneva (Switzerland) 2009-2012. He has taught and developed projects in the US, Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and South America.

He is a Certified Vipassana/Mindfulness Meditation Teacher by Spirit Rock Meditation Center (USA). He studies and practices at Insight Meditation Society (USA) and Beatenberg Meditation Center (Switzerland).He is a student of the Somatic Experiencing Certification Program (NYC) and he is an Embodyoga® 200 Hour Teacher (RYT200).

As a dancer in NYC, he collaborated with choreographers Lynn Shapiro, Merian Soto, Dean Moss and Susan Marshall and with musicians Philip Glass, John Zorn and Erik Friedlander. He has an MFA in Dance and Technology 2004 (new media, performance of improvisation and embodied cognition) from The Ohio State University, USA.

Since 2016 to 2021. he worked and lived at Insight Meditation Society in Barre, MA in the US.

Marlon Barrios Solano (USA) is the originator of MotionDAO and he is currently dedicated full-time to his research on crypto-economic systems as instantiations of value flows for the arts and its potential for economic redesign and humanitarian purposes.

Recent projects include MotionDAO and Crypto-dana.

He is a Creative Guild Leader in the NEAR Ecosystem.

MotionDAO in Sputnik


Welcome to the NEAR ecosystem, MotionDAO! @marlonbarriossolano this introduction post is a thing of beauty and there’s lots to dig into here.

Looking forward to our upcoming chat (cc: @chloe) so we can talk more about getting MotionDAO set up on SputnikDAO v2 to get your $MOTION token going and to see what collaborations with other creative communities on NEAR may be possible!


Thank you! looking forward…


I have also included the “motion-dao” tag for your guild to use on the forums to self-organize.

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