[WEEKLY UPDATE] Pacha DAO Weekly Update Jan. 2, 2023

Hi all

This is the first weekly update of 2023 for Pacha DAO and the first to be posted to ecosystem projects. You can see our previous weekly updates and activity via the #pacha-dao tag.

Our purpose is to create nutritious entertainment. We do this by creating stories that teach people of all ages that we are all connected.

Our website is https://pachaverse.io

Progress in the past week

  • Researched AI tools
  • Generated 100+ images based on Pacha character using Playground AI
  • Generated handful images based on Jag character using Playground AI
  • Team meeting in which we decided strategy for generative NFT set
  • Found apps that can help us develop videos of our character without manual animating
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@shiftshapr congrats on the updates.

What app are you going to use for animating the characters?

Is it adobe animate?

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Hi @pooriaarab !

We are going to try these two processes in the next several days

:computer_mouse:Step 1: https://discord.com/invite/midjourney You can use any Text to img generator you like, I just choose MJ :slight_smile:
:computer_mouse:Step 2: Thin Plate Motion Colab Notebook (For adding animation to your character’s face) https://colab.research.google.com/dri…
:computer_mouse:Step 3: Out Painting (Creating your character’s features, you can us inpainting for this as well) https://colab.research.google.com/git…

Get your Hugging Face Security Token (Make a free account first) Hugging Face:https://huggingface.co/ :computer_mouse:Step4: Dreambooth (Training a model based on your character) https://colab.research.google.com/git…

And these as well

:computer_mouse:Step 1: This is where we launch the Stable diffusion Automatic web UI remotely (No powerful pc is required). https://colab.research.google.com/git… :computer_mouse:
Step 2: You can get Ebsynth here: https://ebsynth.com/

Also you doing something similar?

By the way, we are trying to figure out what platforms to mint NFTs. Thinking to maybe do some on NEAR and some ERC-20 NFT as well. Looking at Ethereal, Polygon, Arbitram…

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@shiftshapr oh wow!! thanks for the detailed breakdown.

What I’m doing personally is running a video series on experimenting with these AI tools and showing all the steps and results.

For our project, we’re dabbling with AI to use it for content creation.

I’m down to collab with y’all.

Got any ideas on synergistic areas we can work together?

Which tools are you looking at?

Yup let’s talk about a collab. Do you have web or social presence that I can send to my team?

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Thanks for the update.
Any group for pacha community?
What’s the benefit of utility of pacha NFT

@shiftshapr Yeah.

Checkout my LinkedIn

What’s yours?