Week 7 & 8 at the GWG

I extend my deepest apologies for the delay in Week 7’s report. We’ve experienced a very positively charged period at GWG that has kept us all very busy.

Our key focus areas over these two weeks included:

  • Defining Q3 OKRs and KPIs
  • Finalizing the Q3 Budget
  • Hiring processes for new roles
  • Performance reviews for existing roles
  • Acceleration of the Bounty process

As we step into Q3, it signifies a pivotal phase for GWG. It serves as the final push to fully implement v1 governance. Over the past year, we’ve dedicated our efforts in meticulously planning, constructing, and deploying all the foundational aspects to hand the reins over to the community on how we grow the ecosystem.

Q3 OKRs & KPIs

Our Q3 OKRs and KPIs are critical components in highlighting our forward trajectory, each closely entwined with our dedication to the community and our mission.

Outlined below is a comprehensive view of our Q3 objectives. Please note, this is a preliminary glimpse ‘behind the scenes’ and the specific KPIs may undergo changes before they are officially published:

Objectives Details Target
Election Turnout Our primary goal is to increase community participation during the election. The focus will be on onboarding more IAH and encouraging active participation in the election process. Onboard 3000 IAH by election time (5000 as a stretch goal) with a minimum of 500 educated voters casting votes during the election.
Election Education We aim to educate a significant portion of our community about the election process. This involves creating easy-to-understand content and working with a public opinion analyst for education-based polling. At least 25% of total IAH to undergo some form of education program. Quantify education by understanding voter apathy and retention rates.
Product and Tech Delivery Our technology and product delivery goals are centered around providing an enhanced user experience and delivering critical features. This includes improvements to the IAH interface, ensuring seamless nomination and election processes, and rolling out inner-house and inter-house voting. Deliver V1 Critical Path, implement MVP Kudos, roll out Community SBTs, and create a proof of concept for the Community Fund.
Core Processes and Ops We aim to streamline our operational processes and ensure we have the right team to execute our plans. This involves creating process maps and documentation for core processes, scaling our budget and bounty processes, and making key hires. Document all core processes across houses, scale budget and bounty processes, and fill critical roles like Marketing Director, Financial Controller, Chief of Staff, Community Manager, and Moderators.
Draft Bills (Work Groups) We aim to encourage community involvement in governance by producing draft proposals and bills. Produce at least ten draft proposals within the quarter.
Community Activation To foster a sense of belonging and engagement within our community, we aim to develop strategies that encourage active participation. Implement community activation strategies and measure their effectiveness.
Handoff Strategy To ensure smooth transitions and continuity in various areas, we will design and implement a clear handoff strategy. Implement successful handoff strategies in tech, governance, process, finance/budgets, moderation, polling, legal, and marketing.

As we aim to achieve these objectives, we will maintain a transparent communication process with the community, keeping everyone updated with our progress. Through this concerted effort, we hope to witness significant growth and development in the NDC in Q3.

Q3 Budget

Our Q3 budget is fundamental to our ambitious Q3 OKRs and KPIs. The major areas of expenditure will be tailored to enhancing election turnout, bolstering education initiatives, and strengthening our technological infrastructure. These represent the pillars necessary for orchestrating a successful election, and thus, our budget allocation is meticulously designed to enable their execution. To ensure complete transparency and to provide a chance for public scrutiny, we intend to share the finalized budget with our community later this week.


We are currently in the process of actively hiring for key positions in Q3. We’ve dedicated considerable effort in the past two weeks to review CVs, conduct interviews, and work in conjunction with the NEAR Foundation to develop an agile and robust recruitment policy that ensures we bring the best talent on board.

For a detailed view of the open roles we have, you can explore the NEAR Digital Collective Open Roles document on Notion. If you’re interested or know someone who might be a great fit for these roles, we encourage you to apply or pass along the information.

Performance Reviews

To maintain high standards of work and ensure continuous professional growth, we have established a comprehensive Performance Review Framework. The NDC 360 Performance Review Framework can be found here.

Performance reviews play a pivotal role in understanding individual productivity levels, identifying areas for improvement, and promoting a culture of continuous learning and development. Implementing these reviews will help establish a framework for performance assessment in the broader NDC in the long run.

June Bounty Payment

To ensure timely and fair compensation, Kaz and I are working diligently to expedite the June Bounty payments. Our aim is to refine the payment process to make it more efficient and reward everyone who contributed in June promptly.

As we march forward into Q3, we deeply appreciate your continued support and patience. We remain steadfast in our commitment to refine our systems and processes to enhance community involvement and engagement. The anticipated growth and development of the NDC in the coming quarters is an exciting prospect, and we are delighted to have you accompany us on this journey.