Week 1 at GWG: Commitment to Transparency and Progress


Did some stuff, learnt some stuff, excited to do more stuff.

My First Week

Hello everyone, I’m Illuminfti and as my first week at GWG concludes, I have been neck-deep in a fascinating whirlwind of reading, reviewing, and drafting charters. My commitment to championing the significance of transparency and decentralisation within our working groups remains unshakeable.

True to this principle, I plan to share weekly updates highlighting my tasks, the resulting outcomes, and their value-add to our community.

Current Responsibilities

At present, I am responsible for the following:

  • Overseeing OKR 3 of the GWG’s Q2 OKRs which aims to prepare our five core constellations - Amplify, NFTs, DeFi, Gaming, and Regional Communities - for funding applications post the NDC v1 elections.

  • Ensuring all workgroups have their charters, budgets, and legal entities in place, and begin engaging their respective ecosystems.

Specific Objectives


  1. Help each work group create a unique charter and budget for each of the 5 workgroups.

  2. Ensure all charters and budgets adhere strictly to NDC Core Principles and Objectives.

  3. Aid in the revitalisation of existing communities in line with NDC Core Principles and Objectives.

  4. Work along side the Legal Work Group to assist in legal entity creation for the 5 work groups

  5. Create Documentation of charter, budgets, and legal entities guidance for all workgroups.

Workgroup Progress Snapshot

To offer a more tangible insight into our progress, here’s a quick snapshot of each workgroup’s status:

Workgroup Intro Call Charter Charter Link Budget Legal Entity Community Outreach
NFT Done Ready for Community Review NEAR NFT Ecosystem Revival DAO Charter In Progress To be started In Progress
Amplify Done In Progress DistroWG Charter In Progress To be started To be started
DeFi Done In Progress NEAR Digital Collective DEFI GWG Charter To be started To be started To be started
Gaming Done Ready for Community Review GamingDAO Charter To be started To be started To be started
Regional Communities Done Ready for Community Review RC DAO Charter In Progress In Progress In Progress

This table will be updated weekly to reflect the ongoing progress and completed tasks of each workgroup.

Joint Initiatives

Even while I’m concentrated on the responsibilities detailed above, a central part of my role is to nurture a collaborative atmosphere. I’ve been engaging with other workgroups, including Truth and Conciliation and Refi, ensuring their charters are in line with our overarching community vision. These engagements aren’t merely transactional – they provide a rich platform for exchanging ideas, understanding diverse viewpoints, and devising an inclusive strategy beneficial to all.

Operational Efficiency & Toolkit Development

In our voyage into these unexplored territories, having easily accessible tools and guides are significant aids. To facilitate this, I’ve developed additional resources like the Charter Checklist and the Ultimate Borg Drafting Guide. These tools are engineered to assist any workgroup in their launching journey by offering concrete, actionable guidelines, effectively serving as roadmaps for initiating, guiding, and completing the charter drafting process.

Simultaneously, I’m striving to enhance efficiency and streamline our operations, by working on scalable solutions such as comprehensive documentation and user-friendly procedures that future workgroups can utilize, ensuring a smoother launch process.

Fostering Stewardship and Quality of Service

Beyond guiding the entire process from inception to funding for workgroups, I’m also responsible for various operational tasks within the GWG. My aspiration is to ensure we optimally serve our community as responsible stewards working towards materializing NDC v1. To fulfil this, we’re setting up clear processes and roles, like those for the Master Schedulers and Pollsters, defining them for everyone’s clear understanding of their responsibilities and the steps to fulfil them.

Recognizing Community Efforts and Contributions

Acknowledging the massive efforts and contributions from our community is essential. I’m coordinating with the GWG to review and outline retroactive rewards for the remaining NDC work groups. It’s crucial for us to develop a clear, comprehensible process that allows the community to be rewarded actively for the time they’ve invested in bringing the NDC to fruition.

Looking Ahead at Challenges

In our ambitious expedition, we foresee several challenges:

  • Fusing Diverse Goals with Core Principles: Each workgroup comes with its own set of unique needs and objectives, rooted in their specific areas of focus. Balancing these varying requirements with the NDC’s fundamental principles is a delicate task that involves understanding and assessing each group’s strategies and guiding them to align their actions with the NDC’s vision without losing their unique essence.

  • Maintaining Engagement: The strength of the NDC lies in the active involvement of its community. Keeping our ecosystem engaged during this critical phase of establishing workgroups and charters could pose a challenge. This necessitates open communication channels, regular updates, and community involvement at every decision-making stage.

  • Streamlining Processes: As we’re in the initial stages, developing efficient and effective processes can be challenging. Our aim is to ensure seamless and scalable operations, without overwhelming the workgroups or creating bureaucratic hurdles.

  • Navigating Legal and Regulatory Frameworks: Establishing legal entities for each workgroup involves navigating complex legal and regulatory frameworks that differ across regions. This requires substantial knowledge, effort, and time.

Reflections from the Week

Reflecting on my first week, it has been a steep learning curve, but incredibly rewarding:

  • The Power of Diversity: The immense diversity of ideas I’ve encountered is truly inspiring. It’s a testament to the varied perspectives offered by individuals from different backgrounds and expertise. This diversity not only enriches our discourse but also fosters creativity and innovation within our community.

  • Commitment to Goals: The level of commitment displayed by everyone towards our common goals is heartening. Despite the challenges, the team’s unwavering dedication motivates me to contribute to the best of my abilities.

  • Open Dialogue: The openness to dialogue, even in the face of differing viewpoints, is a testament to our community’s maturity. This openness cultivates a culture of understanding and respect, allowing us to constructively navigate through challenges together.

  • The Vibrant Community: Being part of such a vibrant and intelligent community is an honor. It strengthens my resolve to further transparency, collaboration, and shared success.

Looking Forward

Our upcoming plans focus on consolidation, legal entity establishment, and community outreach:

Budget Finalization

  • Collaborative Endeavors: Budgets for workgroups are essential for our operational efficacy. I’ll be collaborating closely with the workgroup leads to comprehend their operational needs, projected expenses, and potential revenue streams.

  • Revision and Approval: A critical step in finalizing the budgets is to conduct thorough revisions and seek approvals from relevant parties, thereby ensuring transparency and financial integrity.

Establishing Legal Entities

  • Identifying the Best Legal Structure: Establishing legal entities equips our workgroups with the necessary legitimacy to form partnerships and facilitate transactions. I’ll be working with the legal working group to identify the most suitable legal structure for each workgroup based on their unique operations, partnerships, and geographic locations.

  • Paperwork and Compliance: Once the legal structure is determined, the necessary paperwork will be completed to formally establish the legal entities. Additionally, a system will be implemented to ensure all workgroups remain compliant with their respective legal and regulatory obligations.

Kickstarting Community Outreach Programs

  • Building Relationships: The effectiveness of our workgroups is closely tied to their integration within their respective ecosystems. I plan to initiate community outreach programs to build relationships with key stakeholders in these ecosystems.

  • Engaging the Community: These programs will aim to engage the community through initiatives like webinars, Q&A sessions, and collaborative projects. This will not only enable workgroups to better understand their community, but also actively involve them in our mission.

  • Feedback Mechanism: The community outreach programs will also serve as a feedback mechanism, offering us invaluable insights that can guide us in making necessary adjustments and improvements in our approach.


Acknowledging and appreciating is a critical part of our community-building endeavors:

Team Efforts

  • Unwavering Dedication: My deep appreciation goes to the entire GWG team. Their relentless efforts, creativity, and dedication are the driving forces behind our progress. Everyone’s commitment to their tasks and their willingness to go above and beyond is truly admirable.

Special Mentions: Gaming and Regional Communities Teams

  • Charter Development: Both the Gaming and Regional Communities teams have made substantial progress in developing their workgroup charters. They’ve worked diligently to align their unique objectives with our NDC Core Principles, a task that demands deep understanding and dedication.

  • Active Community Engagement: The effectiveness with which these teams have engaged their respective ecosystems is also noteworthy. They’ve been proactively initiating discussions, gathering ideas, and laying the groundwork for meaningful collaborations.

Community Impact

The efforts of our workgroups are creating waves of positive impact in our community:

Active Engagement: NFT and Regional Communities Workgroups

  • Community Interactions: The NFT and Regional Communities workgroups have initiated their community outreach, promoting open dialogues and active participation. The idea exchanges and discussions that have been sparked are promising for future collaborations.

  • Potential Collaborations: Initial feedback indicates potential collaborations with stakeholders within these ecosystems. This is a positive testament to the effectiveness of our community outreach efforts and a step towards our ultimate goal of creating a vibrant, diverse, and engaged community.

Dynamic Dialogue: Charter and Budget Creation Process

  • Stimulating Discussions: Our charter and budget creation process is more than an administrative task; it’s a catalyst for stimulating dynamic dialogues within our community. These conversations have sparked new ideas, highlighted potential areas of improvement, and led to a better understanding of our shared goals and principles.

  • Community Service: These dialogues also help us understand how we can best serve our community. They’ve provided us with valuable insights, enabling us to make data-driven decisions and adjust our approach to meet the community’s needs and expectations.

The Road Ahead

As we move forward, I am committed to ensuring that the GWG remains focused on tangible outcomes and retains a process-driven approach. I will maintain our commitment to transparency and community service.

We are not just participating but actively shaping one of the most ambitious and impactful experiments in decentralization, governance, and transparency. I’m excited to embark on this journey with you all, as we collectively build an ecosystem that empowers all its members.

Keep an eye out for more updates and feel free to reach out with any questions, concerns, or suggestions. Your active participation and feedback are crucial in helping us grow and evolve. Here’s to another week of collaborative progress!


thank you for your detailed report, it would be great to see the same reports from other gwg members.


Yes, indeed. I have been sharing my madness with the most active contributors in the NDC. It will be moving on the chain to a new platform that other NDC contributors will be able to post theirs.

Two possible names:

  1. Say A Lot
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It is a stream of madness with some clarity. This is the best I can do, but it will be updated periodically throughout the week. 22 pages and growing…

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Why we can’t use this forum? Why we need new platform?

Hey @Illuminfti, awesome to have you on board! Looking forward to more of these


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Happy to see you fitting nicely into the NDC and good job on all the work you done for week 1. Will be expecting the report for week 2.

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It’s very hard to perceive. I literally don’t understand what it is - report or plan or just notes or something else.


@Illuminfti , we are lucky to have you driving all these processes with your expertise. I am very happy to see that we proceed with integrity, flexibility, transparency and inclusivity. I hope this report will be a model for NDC workgroups which will help to build more decentralized , diverse ecosystem. Thank you for the efforts!


Good job @Illuminfti, you’re doing undeniably great. Kudos fren