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As you may already be aware, the second voting round of Meta Pool is currently underway. We are thrilled to announce that Open Web Academy (OWA) is one of the eight initiatives participating in this round. Our team is delighted to present our initiative titled “Science at the bar: DeFi Education w/Meta Pool.”

Science at the bar: DeFi Education w/ Meta Pool | Open Web Academy

“Science at the Bar” is a platform that brings together researchers, specialists, and science enthusiasts for discussions in public spaces like cafes and bars, launched in 2019 in Nayarit, Mexico.

When it comes to exploring the world of Web 3.0 tools, many individuals often first encounter the topic of financial management through cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, this subject is often perceived as complex and exclusive to experts, creating a significant barrier to the wider adoption of Web 3 tools.

Open Web Academy aims to bridge the gap in the adoption of Web 3 technologies and provide accessible learning programs. In line with this objective, we propose hosting a DeFi education meetup as part of the “Science at the Bar” forum, allowing residents of Tepic, Nayarit, to explore and use Web 3 tools like the Meta Pool ecosystem and $META token. The event offers attendees the opportunity to learn about decentralized finance and expand their knowledge in this field.

If you want to know more about our proposal, you can visit:

About the Open Web Academy (OWA) :globe_with_meridians::mechanical_arm:
OWA is an educational community based on NEAR Protocol that runs web 3 learning programs to teach people how to develop and launch decentralized projects; maked IRL events to recruit new web 3 builders and promote the creation of solutions based on NEAR and AURORA. The presence of OWA covers the main cities of Latam, especially Mexico, its country origin.

If you want to be a part of Meta Pool governance and support our proposal, send a message on our Telegram channel and we can give you $META tokens to start to vote.
We will are very grateful for their support!

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Excellent proposal by the open web academy team to teach about DeFi education. :fire:

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Continuing the commendable efforts, I must express my admiration for this remarkable topic. Undeniably captivating, the ingenuity of the idea is truly commendable.

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Thank u for your comment and support!

Thank u for your comment!
We will are very grateful for their support of Meta Pool proposals. If you have interested I just edited the text to invite everyone to the Telegram channel and give $META tokens.

Good luck on this voting round!

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