Vital Point Guild - December 2020 Report

Happy New Year to all (unless your New Year hasn’t started yet) - looking forward to a great 2021!

General. December was another one of those months for us with very little to showcase, but that’s not to say there hasn’t been a flurry of activity behind the scenes. Work continued on Academy content and the decentralized platform including decentralized identity and DAO integration initiatives. More on that below. Of course, the holiday season was also a time to recharge a bit/reconnect - even if it was virtually given the pandemic restrictions in place wherever we live. At any rate, overall, we’re aimed and progressing in the right direction plugging away at projects that will eventually one day be released into the wild - even if we’re impatient about when that might happen.

Community Management: last month: 5, this month: 6 (+1)

Bounties Accepted and Completed

  • nil

Contract Development

  • Total number of new contracts deployed by VP Guild members: 3 (testnet)
  • Number of contracts undergoing active development: 9 (+4)

Vital Point Personas

I mentioned Personas last month. It’s a core component of our community platform work and we made some good progress on it. It is envisioned as a way to enable decentralized identity on NEAR. We’re building it according to W3C DID standards to ensure wide interoperability.

As part of it, two contracts are in the works and/or deployed on Testnet (personas and near-did). The latter being a did registry similar to what is found on Ethereum. It’s being integrated into NEAR wallet design. You could think of it as a way to build out a profile for each of your NEAR accounts, link them to a master persona if desired, and then allow other sites access to those parts of your profile that define the persona you want to portray in that specific digital community.

I’d like to highlight the work Davantzis (guild member) has put into this the last few weeks. Of note, he finished off a component that allows someone to build a visual representation of their persona to automatically generate the Textile schema needed to store the data on IPFS (through ThreadsDB). Next milestone will be associating the DID assigned to each NEAR account with the applicable schema.

Vital Point DAO

Continues under active development/upgrades. Original VP-DAO has been forked and is undergoing modification at near-dao.vitalpointai.testnet. Notably it now supports NEAR as the primary deposit token. Looking to integrate it into the NEAR Wallet interface and to take advantage of what we’re building with Personas. Have also started on some changes that will make it easier to use/navigate and facilitate proposal processing.

This month, I had the opportunity to do an interview with Dorian for a Blockheads episode on the state of the DAO which should be coming out in the NEAR future. Watch for it as it includes an updated demo of it’s functionality.

Here’s a screenshot of the integration occurring:

Will leave this here from last month for reference: Port of Moloch v2 to NEAR and integration with NEP 21 - contract account - dao1.vitalpointai.testnet. Intend to use the DAO for guild activities.

Check out the current state of the Vital Point DAO - evolution of VP Guild’s Hack the Rainbow submission.

Live Demo:


Not much happening with Paralog or its community at the moment. Further development on this parachuting platform was put on hold when we realized that it’s basically a community that we want to develop with some specialized tools. As such makes more sense for us to focus on finishing the community platform we want to run it on before taking it any further.

contract account - paralog.vitalpointai.testnet

The next two contracts have been in existence for awhile and are modular components of the larger decentralized community platform described here: Vital Point AI Decentralized Community Platform

  • VP Guild - contract account - vpguild.vitalpointai.testnet

Check out the video of the submission for Hack FS

  • Vital Point Coin (Fungible Token) - contract account - vpc.vitalpointai.testnet

Check out the video demo of the Fungible Token Project that one can make as part of the Building Fungible Tokens on NEAR course.

Original Articles


*A detailed access key tutorial in the context of a competition that people can enter and withdraw winnings from is included as part of the article at


  • I had the opportunity to speak with Dorian Crutcher for an episode of Blockheads about the DAO development. Episode should be forthcoming.

Community Research

  • nil


  • No major change. Active in Discord answering questions as able.

Looking Ahead

Looking forward to what we can accomplish in January including welcoming more people into the Guild as able. I was also lucky enough to have been selected to attend the next Gitcoin Kernel so will be expanding my horizons there. Aiming to see Personas and the DAO wallet integration reach a stage where we can start testing it as the basis of guild activities/proposals enabling both the guild and other communities.

Enjoy your January. See you in about a month’s time (or feel free to reach out to me if you want/need clarification or have any questions on what we’re up to.)

Until the next report.



@ALuhning - could you please add a link to tg channel? I tried searching, but it doesn’t work that way.

Sure - not very active in there yet - tend to use Discord more, but here is the Telegram invite link for whomever is interested in chatting there.


So much work going on behind the scenes! Excited for the curtains to open :slight_smile:


As much as everyone talks about hustling, I think this is extremely important. I hope you had some time to recharge, Aaron!

This is really interesting. I’m not sure if this is unique to this implementation. Forgive my ignorance, if that’s the case, but I’ve been a huge fan of having the ability to abstract identity information from different communities that we engage in. I think it it’s really important for all the platforms to give that ability to users. I’ve felt this with reddit, where there’s a central karma system, but then again, you can’t abstract your identity to just that subreddit. You can create new accounts, but that’s not the point. :man_shrugging:

Thank you, Davanzis! :raised_hands:

Yess! Excited for this one!

This is massive! :rocket: Super detailed.

Yess! We should get you on the NEAR Without the Noise episode to share that experience and more about your work when you feel comfortable :slight_smile:

If I understand right - no, it’s not specific to our implementation, just where it’s currently being implemented/tested if that makes sense. Intended to be something other apps could access (similar to 3box on Ethereum). Hadn’t thought of abstracting identity even further within an app - we’re currently aiming to associate personas (DIDs) 1:1 to near accounts with ability for a master persona to manage them all from within that master account. It raises an issue of correlation/privacy though. Will think more about how to abstract it further even within an app where multiple identities might be useful/desired.

One could have a blog with a bunch of different writers/styles (all being the same author…). But then does that mean you can troll yourself? :slight_smile: .

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Oohh! Astoturfing, perhaps. Reddit/Quora etc did a whole bunch of that in their early days with the same person responding, and occasionally trolling themselves using different accounts…you know…to give the impression of activity :wink: Really controversial in communities.