Update – November 10, 2022

rief Summary:

  • NEAR Social is (L)Earning Partner of the month!


  • Top 10 #NEAR projects who got the most (L)Earners attention in October!

  • (L)Earn “What is@NearSocial_?”

  • 956 (L)Earner NFTs minted so far! Minting cost increases gradually with every mint and will reach 10 $NEAR for (L)Earner #10,000

  • 68 $NEAR were sent to the best LNC Beta Testers who explored dWork.
    Well done, (L)Earners!

  • Beta test for (L)Earning partner @NearSocial_ was a !
    Sent 40 $NEAR for to legit feedback provider!

  • LNC community members is over 42,800 (L)Earners!

Challenges & Blockers:

Action Items:

  • LNC community members is getting to 50,000 (L)Earners!
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