Twitter reports by Forefront Tak

Forefront tak is an analytical platform on BOS that leverages various data sources and aims to provide the following services:

1- Developing analytical components for ecosystem projects, the network itself, and significant events.
2- Creating analytical dashboards.
3- Reporting data on Twitter and Near social media in a way that is useful for ecosystem users and creates a positive and constructive atmosphere.
4- Developing data tools on BOS, such as different charts, tables, and so forth, to allow developers to use them effortlessly.
5- Providing a profile (named Discover now) that aggregates all data sources, dashboards, and useful components without the need to waste hours searching for them.
6- Creating a hub for data analysts and builders, allowing them to post on a Near social feed and store all posts with the data hashtag to organize conversations better.
7- Attractive UI/UX.
8- Maintaining and supporting the reconstruction of components and dashboards.
9- Provide documentation on how to use data tools and practical examples.

Last month, we successfully secured the budget here we had targeted for our Twitter content, and we’re deeply thankful to Marketing DAO and NDC for their support. We worked hard to meet the KPIs we set, and I’m thrilled to share that our performance surpassed our expectations. You can check out last month’s activity report here. Looking ahead, we need funding to maintain our content production and support projects that include analytical dashboards or components. (Data reports on Twitter)

Our goal is to provide analytical reporting for the following projects:

  1. Data from the Near Network and other networks
  2. The Blackdragon project and token
  3. The Lonk project and token
  4. The Neko project and token
  5. The Neat project and token
  6. The Here Wallet project
  7. The Sharddog project
  8. The Potlock project, for which we have proudly developed two comprehensive analytical dashboards this month. Our aim is to keep the community well-informed about completed and upcoming rounds, data insights, donation amounts, and more.
  9. Comparison of platforms on the Near Network
  10. Analysis of active BOS developers

Additionally, In Apr we’ve created between 7 and 10 new dashboards to cover more projects, including:

  1. Intear
  2. Nearvidia
  3. Touched
  4. Gear
  5. UWON
  6. SenderLabs campaign
  7. Shitzu

More are on the way soon. This extensive coverage ensures that our community stays updated and engaged with the latest developments and metrics across these initiatives.

The list above highlights the most significant community-focused platforms on the Near Network, engaging approximately 90% of the community. Supporting Forefront Tak can significantly enhance awareness among both the community and project teams. We have requested funding for the current month to continue fulfilling this mission effectively.

Forefront Tak:

Discover: A place to discover dashboards, data tools, and components together
Twitter Reports: Twitter reports and promotions
Near Social


We have set our funding request at $4500. This amount will enable us to produce comprehensive content promptly and support an even broader range of projects moving forward.

We’ve added approximately 7 new dashboards to our roster, and reporting on these weekly will require additional effort. Moreover, we plan to include giveaways ($500) in our weekly reports, where possible, to draw more attention to the content we produce. For added impact, these giveaways may feature various meme coins, which could also serve as a promotional boost for these coins. For more information on our April activities and next month’s KPIs, you can check the details here.

Hello! Thank you for your proposal!
as far as I can notice, most of the planned posts for the future ar already posted


do you have a plan to cover some more projects? - NFTs, wallets, ecosystem dapps? would be great to see the updated list of them :blush:


It’s great to see your interest in expanding to more projects. Indeed, this month we have developed between 7 to 10 new dashboards to ensure we can cover a broader range of upcoming projects. These include:

  • Intear
  • Nearvidia
  • Touched
  • Gear
  • UWON
  • SenderLabs campaign
  • Shitzu

This means that in addition to the existing projects we’ve been covering, we’ll also include these new projects in our scope. It’s not an easy task as it doubles our efforts in both development and reporting. As you can see from the report, the fact that we garnered over 400,000 impressions this month demonstrates that our content is resonating well with the community.

Additionally, our content and dashboards are being actively used by other prominent pages like Near Insider and similar platforms. They are using our dashboards to produce their content, which is a testament to the utility and relevance of our work. sample

Hi @Lordking_tv thanks for the proposal. Noting the ongoing work you are doing for the ecosystem. For June, I recommend participating in the Potlock round as the best way forward, especially given the current transitional period as the NDC sunsets and your team’s previous success on that platform. If you need guidance on the round, please listen to the office hours AMA with code/plug that took place today - all links + recording on MDAO twitter.