Technically ISSUES Near Forum?!

Hello dears!

Experiencing some issues with the forum.

I can access the initial post without issues upon logging in.

However, when attempting to view a new post, return to the home page, or click on a user profile, all interactions are halted with a perpetual loading screen (Loading…).

Is anyone else encountering similar difficulties with forum interactions?

Thank you


Att @creativesdao-council , @fiatisabubble , @Alpar_NEAR @odin @plugrel @so608 @usmanokt @vadim_hom @zeitwarp


Hello @Psalmy @johanga @klarakopi @estheriorizada @FritzWorm how are you?
You know about this issues?
Is the same with you?
:pray: Thanks


I’ve been trying to comment since but I couldn’t I think it can work now.
The issues am having is tapping on someone’s profile anytime I try to tap the profile it doesn’t reflect.
And I also struggle commenting, commenting features fluctuates sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t

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the same here!
Let’s do some research to find out who this is happening to. And why is it happening? Let’s find out the ethnicity and regional location of the people who are experiencing this type of problem within the forum.

@Psalmy tag some @ friends here to understanding the issues.
@IgbozeIsrael @Wiswiz @Aescobar @Bakaka @blaze @cryptocredit @Dacha @frol

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For weeks now, it’s hard for me to highlight a part of a post and reply it directly.

I have to highlight, come down to click the reply button on PC.


In the research I conducted, only countries from Africa and South America are having issues on the forum. Is anyone from Europe, Asia, or North America experiencing problems as well?

hi frado!

i tried the actions you suggested and apparently i’m experiencing the same bugs. i discovered something funny though: clicking on an user’s icon to open their profile doesn’t work, but command+clicking it (on a macbook) opens the desired page in an other tab without a problem. check if this works for you as well. it’s annoying, but it might be a provisional solution to the bug.


Hi @estheriorizada thanks for replying. We have one more from south American with issues in forum.
Let’s waiting others region’s to response

I’m also having the same issues, for some random reason I’m being able to reply here, on other it doesn’t work

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