Syllabus for NCI/NCP and Script On Boarding Webinars NCD/NCP - November 2021

Project title: Syllabus for NCI/NCP and Script On Boarding Webinars NCD/NCP

One-liner: Package NCD Bootcamp & Methodology for teachers to deliver it in a higher education organization and NCI/NCP Bootcamp

Project DAO: NEAR Hispano DAO

Series: Bring teachers to NEAR University and partnerships with Universities in Mexico

Project members:

  • Luz Saucedo
  • America Martinez
  • Claudio Cossio (cacossio.near)

Payout month

Noviembre 2021

NEAR target account

NEAR Hispano DAO - SputnikDAO

Funding request

4000 USDC

160 hours of work to develop and present the proposal to NEAR Hispano. This will have the design of the spaces and course work for the NCI and On Boarding Webinars to have the structure to be adopted for the NEAR Guilds

Project summary

OKR’s for the proposal

  • Design and execution of the learning space (ABCs of a Bootcamp, the best practices and necessary means to implement a successful bootcamp)
  • Learn about the methodology to teach about NEAR (Bootcamps, One day courses, Camps, etc)
  • Workshop to teach about creating the space and the methodology


  • November 30th - present the documentation of the spaces designed for Universities to implement the NCD/ NCP Bootcamp