[Step-concluded-but-not-finished] Script development por multimedia Opera - O amanhecer no meio-dia ao mar(The dawn at noon to the sea)

opera keep on going

multi-chain is needed


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parts of the libreto are already oncahin!

  • Dragomir Artenie rises from lines of code in performative aura


as we always said on nomadelabel-dao times = blockchain agnosticism is the only way to reach larger audience in Global South !

As this art work was started at this forun, i continue to build this collaboration across other ecosystems, and always, tracking back to here. I think the interconection betwen diferent chains are the key of our sucessfulll community growth on 2024!

best wishes from Blua, keep tunned on the webs


special thanks for the unstoppable support of @casajapuanga

Blua_discordia’s O amanhecer no meio-dia ao mar MetaData - proto-libreto | objkt.com

Is it possible to connect Tezos and NEAR on a same Dapp???