Spirityut monthly report [defi with spirityut]


One of the goals we aimed at achieving was to educate existing community members on the benefits of Decentralized Finance (DEFI) Investments. To achieve this, we hosted an event on Twitter space titled; DEFI WITH SPIRITYUT. One of the community members; pgenre was paid $30 to design the flyer. The event was held on 19th September 2022, and was hosted by council members The Tune and Zamael, while we had bone police as our guest speaker. During this session we touched on topics regarding the importance of DEFI, DEFI on Near Protocol, Uses of Near wallet, and all about Ref.finance. At the end of the session, a total of 32 people tuned, 21 were live listeners while 12 listened to the recorded session. All in all, it was an impactful session and we are looking forward to community members making moves toward DEFI investments on Near Protocol. Below are the links to the recorded session on Twitter and the discord section dedicated to DEFI Investments.


Total number of people that Tuned in Space =32

DEFI channel on Discord