Sneak peek into the NEAR Intelligence Agency (NIA):

The NIA aims to bring about a complete revolution in how social engagement and growth hacking tactics are deployed in the cryptoverse. We are a covert group of NEAR ambassadors, who are not bound by any hard and fast rules of marketing, community outreach, project engagement and social research. We build our own rules, demolish professional stereotypes and rebuild forgotten stealth standards. Near Intelligence Agency, as the name suggests, will primarily operate behind the scenes, along side other guilds and the NEAR community for the growth and promotion of the NEAR ecosystem.


^ Get $NEAR noticed by retail investors;

^ Counter the immediate competitors of NEAR Protocol by formulating diverse and unconventional strategies to take their marketing initiatives head on;

^ Get NEAR on the good books of potential collaborators, developers and most importantly the community members;

^ Provide regular, reliable, sufficient and actionable feedback and market research data to the NEAR Marketing Team, Developers, Community Admins and Degens in order to assist them in their work;

^ Ensure deeper community penetration with the help of open source metrics and stealth hacking initiatives;

Feel free to learn more about us from the website or reach out to us through our official website


Just what NEAR needs right now to boost community reach, engagement and on board new users. Kudos to the NIA and NEAR guilds program for such initiative. I’ve always been of the opinion that Guilds will foster long term growth for near. Excited to see that happening.

I would be looking forward to hear more about the NIA. Ozy introduced it during Guilds launch a couple of weeks ago.

QUESTION: Is the NIA in full swing yet?


NIA is fully committed to the growth and advancement of the NEAR Ecosystem and we are only getting started :slight_smile:

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@chronear I am very excited to learn about all the ideas you have in mind to foster our forever growing Ecosystem. I would love to have bi-weekly chats with you and the NIA contributors, learn from your experiences and understand where is the potential to amplify our mission and purpose.
I feel great vibes here! :raised_hands: :star_struck:


Thank you so much for the kind words @Grace, the NIA will benefit immensely by your guidance and we will be more than honored to be of any assistance to you and the NEAR Team! We are truly humbled that you said you would love to learn from our experiences when in fact it will be us who will derive value from your years of experience and expertise… really looking forward to collaborating on various fronts to achieve the goals of the NEAR ecosystem together! :smile:


I’m starting to book some Quality Time with each Guild leader. I aiming at connecting with everyone and having this completed in the next two weeks.

Thank you @chronear here is my Calendry - let’s book some QT this week.


Hello @Grace, thanks for the invitation… I have scheduled the call for Tuesday, August 10th, let me know whether that works!