[September] Reward claim of [namashley#8614]

Claim 1:

  1. Is it an act or series? Series
  2. Reward for Sandbox Referral Program
  • I invited some developers to OWS. They all completed NEAR academy course.
  1. I asked them to use real name in certificate, but same username for discord handle and NEAR Academy account. Only a few people use real name for discord handle.
    Discord handle and link to the evidence:
Discord handle Ceritificate
realtrantrungtin#5130 Near Academy
mrchen816#5925 Near Academy
Zacchaeus14#5731 Near Academy
leaf19#5554 Near Academy
  1. Reward: 30$ for each developer, so the reward is: 30*4= 120$

Claim 2:

Total reward: 120 + 10 = 130 $

Thank you guys all :hugs:

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