Sandbox [Septem. 2021] Reward Claim of [vanek1002#6842]

Claim 1

Is it an act or series? Series.
Type of Activity:
Welcome to the Open Web Sandbox
Sandbox Referral Program.
Briefly describe the activity (act or series or both):
4.Act: Bring Developers to NEAR Academy Series: Developer Completes Academy and Becomes NEAR Certified.*
I bring some developers from my company and my college to OWS and NEAR Academy. They all have completed certificates from NEAR Academy.
I am new member of OWS community in Sep
I also did feedback for OWS survey :smiley:
Provide the link to the end result:
These are their discord handles:

AussieAl#0942 - Artem Aseckii
bulldemonking#1501 - Denis Vorobiev
CARAMELLO#9226 - Kirill Martunov
chooya#5466 - Pasha Bogdon
FeLs#6294 - Stasonly
Their certificate: academy - Google Drive

5.Estimate your reward accounting for all the activities (acts or series or both) you have completed. This has to be in accordance with the rolling opportunities list.

The estimated reward is 160 dollars, 5 developers completed the course (30 dollars one time per developer) = 30*5 = 150 , 10 dollars for filling in the general feedback survey for the OWS.

Claim 2

Video creation:
Near Protocol | Видио обзор - Near Protocol | Видио обзор - YouTube
60 dollars (20+ views on YouTube, one-time bonus)

Pixelparty - приложение на Near | Питомцы - Pixelparty - приложение на Near | Питомцы - YouTube
60 dollars (20+ views on YouTube, one-time bonus)

For all videos: 60+60=120 dollars

Reward for all activities: 160+120=280 dollars

Needs to be edited, approved for 270 USD

Request : 150+120=270$

I’m so sorry guys, but it’s absolutely not informative video about PixelParty. I hope moderators will check claims more thoroughly. @vrdoingthings just watch the video. Actually, I can help moderators with Russian language claims.