Sankore in Mombasa

On 25th June 2022 a meeting was held at Sheraton Regency Hotel in Mombasa. Enthusiasts ready to learn about Sankore turned out in a great number to learn what it was all about. Mr Ramah welcomed everybody and the meeting kicked off.
Mr Ramah invited Paul(A NEAR certified Web 3 developer) who expounded on blockchain technology opportunities in Web 3 and answered questions from enthusiasts. He also tought on joining the Sankore academy where one would be a certified NEAR Developer for free and get certificate.
Despite the CEO of Sankore wasn’t physically available, there was also a recording from the CEO which was played and he said all about Sankore and individuals responded with questions on where they never understood well and the team tackled the questions as expected.
Mr Ramah invited Mwangangi (Sankore’s Bounty Ecosystem) was welcomed and expounded on bounties which upon completion one would get rewarded through the ASTRODAO. He also elaborated on how bounties were approved and individuals who had completed the bounty confirmed their reward and people were guided on how to create NEAR wallets.
Participants got some giveaways and all was good and people were dismissed to have refreshments and to interact and share there thoughts with the Sankore team and one another as others registered to join Sankore academy.
I’m greatful for the opportunity provided by Sankore community keep up the good work.

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