Sandbox [September] Reward Claim of [andrew_mamus#7296]

Claim 1

  1. Series
    2.Type of Activity: Content Creation
    3.Briefly describe the activity: Translating and recreating 133 Infographics posts
    4.Provide the link to the end result: (3) (2) (4) (7) (3) (3) (6) (16) (13) (4) (3) (8) (9) (6) (3) (3) (3) (2) (2) (4) (4)

5.Estimate your reward accounting for all the activities: 133 * 4 = 532 NEAR

Claim 2


Type of Activity : Memes

Briefly describe the activity: I translated and redesign 18 memes and posted

Provide the links to the end result:

Estimated rewards :18 * 2 NEAR = 36 NEAR

Claim 3


2.Type of Activity : Bringing People to The Sandbox

  1. Briefly describe the activity: Brought 1 person to $NEAR OWS

  2. Provide the links:
    **5. Estimated rewards: 3NEAR **

Claim 4


Type of Activity: Social Media NEAR Force

Briefly describe the activity:

Sustain your channel: grow your followers, posting updates/news/comments

Provide the link to the end result:

Estimate your reward accounting for all the activities: 20 NEAR

Total Rewards: 532 + 36 + 3+ 20 = 591 NEAR

Claim 1: Rejected.
Unfortunately these are not translations into pidgin but are infographics in pidgin. Due to this, they fall under the conditions of ‘infographics’. These conditions include +100 followers for a twitter account and quality control guidelines (i.e., bodies of text over an image/background will not be approved). Translating NEAR related material means translating in the caption of the tweet the information of the material. Additionally, please avoid going over the weekly $300 USD limit per person per month.

Claim 2: Rejected.
The conditions specify that a user must have +100 followers and have a minimum of 3 likes per meme. Neither conditions are met.

Claim 3: Approved $3 USD.

Claim 4: Approved $50 USD (‘Occasional Activity’).

$53 USD.

Please read the OWS conditions carefully to avoid confusion. Feel free to message any of our moderators in the future if any of the conditions are not clear.

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