1. Type Of Activity: Social Media Near Force

  2. Briefly Describe The Activity:
    Sustain Your Channel: Grow your followers,posting updates/news/comments.
    3)Link Provided to the end result on twitter:

Estimated Rewards: 100 USD


  1. Type Of Activity: Creation Of Channel

  2. Briefly Describe The Activity: Creation of a twitter channel

3)Twitter Link:

Estimated Rewards: 3USD


  1. Type Of Activity: Bonus for reaching x followers

  2. Briefly Describe The Activity: Bonus for reaching 100 followers

Bonus for reaching 200 followers

Estimated Rewards: 150 USD


  1. Type Of Activity: Memes Creation

  2. Briefly Describe The Activity: Creation of 15 memes

Estimated Rewards: 90 USD

Total Estimated Rewards:

100USD+3USD+150USD+90USD=IS 343USD

Approved: $3 channel creation + $50 (followers).

Unfortunately you did not tweet frequently enough for either reward and a large portion of your retweets were tweets by @Preciou58087818 - who referred you. This is not seen as a positive community approach to proliferating NEAR news. Please aim to grow your channel independently.

Your memes do not have the minimum required likes. Linking your own posts using 2-3 different accounts is not ‘community approval’.

tot: $53

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What is the requirement for my memes to meet up your standards… And precise some of my memes had above 5 likes… And still they weren’t accepted?

If retweeting who referred me is wrong… And I Also retweeted others tweets and they aren’t acceptable… How and where do I get tweets info from… Since I’m new to near and haven’t gotten alot of knowledge about its operations

From the contributors form guidelines… It was started that 200 followers engagement gets 100usd and I was first credited 100usd and I am not seeing a slash to 50usd
Why the reduction?