Sandbox [November] Reward Claim of [undertaker8993#8197]

1… Promotion in community chat/groups

A. Sharing Near related content on telegram group:

Result: 3*25=75usd

B. Sharing Near related content on twitter (like & quote retweets):

Result: 3*25=75usd

2 Translating and sharing with relevant community/social media(Work with social media, guilds, and other NEAR communities to translate content for specific audiences.

total words: 1556
result : 1556*25/500 = 77.8 usd

3 Memes/Simple designs

Result: 15*5=75usd

TOTAL REWARDS: 75+75+77.8+75= 303.8 dollars
Requested: 300 dollars(maximum limit)

Wallet: antilifeequation.near

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HI, Approved by OWS Moderator for $225 USD

Keep up the Good Work.
Claim #4 Memes Rejected, it is bought into Note that it was already rewarded in NEAR MEME Daily Page for $DBIO Campaign
Feedback: kindly keep up the Works Unique to OWS, For Memes, I can see it is Created for DBIO Alone, if not appreciated.
Request to Post the Translation to Medium instead of Google Drive

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Ok thanks for suggestions.
Will be following the same from now onwards.