1. Type Of Activity: Social Media Near Force

  2. Briefly Describe The Activity:
    Sustain Your Channel: Grow Your followers, posting updates/news/comments.

  3. Link provided to the end result on twitter

Estimated Rewards: 100 USD


  1. Type Of Activity: Bringing People To The Sandbox

  2. Briefly Describe The Activity:

Brought One Person To The OWS

Link Of The Person:

Estimated Rewards: 3 USD

CLAIM 3) Types Of Activity:

  1. Bonus For Reaching 200 Followers

Estimated Rewards: 100 USD


1, Types If Activity: Memes Creation

2, Briefly Describe The Activity:

Creation Of 15 Memes

Estimated Rewards: 90 USD

Total Estimated Rewards: 100 usd+100

usd+90 usd +3usd = 293USD

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Thank you for your report and consistent participation in the activities of the OWS :slight_smile: Here is my feedback for your submission:

Claim 1 - Social Media: I can see that you didn’t post daily and that many of your tweets are simple retweets without caption.

This doesn’t count for a caption seeing as there is no added value in simply adding the hashtags image

Therefore you qualify for an occasional activity and will be rewarded with 50USD for this part of your claim. Here are a couple of suggestions on how you can improve in the future:

  • Add meaningful captions to your retweets. Not only will this allow you to differentiate yourself from generic profiles that repost the same things and attract an engaging audience but it will also create value for the ecosystem.
  • Try to create deeper content instead of simple stuff with ‘check this out/look at that’. People appreciate the depth and interesting and interactive content will be noticed really quickly.
  • Check out the AMA session where the best Social Media Practices were shared. These tips will help you create more traction on your Twitter channel.

Claim 2 - referral: 3USD approved, thanks for bringing in your friends!

Claim 3 - a 50 USD bonus for reaching 200 followers - approved. Congrats! However, do keep in mind that these bonuses won’t make a part of the OWS Rolling Opportunities as of December because our team believes that organic growth of users’ communities is a logical process that doesn’t have to be rewarded.

Claim 4 - memes: payout denied. Unfortunately, the majority of your memes are rather basic and don’t have a humorous element in them. Besides, I can see that they all are liked by the very same people, which brings us to this announcement:

As of December memes will not make a part of Rolling Opportunities anymore and will be an exclusive prerogative of the Swine Guild. Please check out their channel on discord and Twitter account for more tips on how to improve the quality of your work if you wish to proceed ith this content category in the future.

Total reward: 103USD

I hope you will be able to use my feedback for further improvements. I’m looking forward to seeing you bring value to the NEAR ecosystem and grow as a contributor. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Got your message but i think you’re being too harsh on me here, talking about my post on social media force, last month i was told to always add captions to my tweets, which i did, can’t find any of my tweets without captions,

My memes, this the very first time i started posting memes, i actually spent all the time, energy and resources and still not even a credit was given to me as an act of encouragement for trying to be creative at least.
I I’d be more than glad if you will look into my case


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