Sandbox [November 2021] Reward Claim of [zrobertz3#1757]

Claim #1:

Type of Activity: social media NEAR Force.
Briefly describe the activity:

Social Media NEAR Force → Creation of a channel → reached 100 followers.
3 USD (Twitter Account Creation Bonus)

Claim #2
50 USD (occasional tweets with caption, min 3 posts/week)

Claim #3
75 USD (Collection of 15 memes, 15 x 5 = 75 USD)

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2 -
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15 -

Total claim: 3 USD + 50 USD + 75 USD = 128 USD

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Hello ! Thank you for your contribution !

I see you retweet a lot of spanish tweets, were are you from ? I am interested because I am the Language moderator for the Spanish Language on the OWS Discord Server.

Rules: Create a meme or a simple design (logo or text over the background/image) AND post it on active social media (100+ followers, regular posting) tagging @OpenWebSandbox AND @NEARProtocol in your post

Rules said that you need 100+ followers to apply for this reward

You had only 97 followers instead of 100. I just follow you right now so you got 98. :cowboy_hat_face: :rocket:


why no post from you on the discord?

You should share your content there on #swinguild channel (That’s the channel for memes) so everyone on the OWS Guild can review your content and comment about it

You missed tagging @OpenWebSandbox AND @NEARProtocol in your post:

I will approve your “MEME” contribution, but I will need a commitment from you: Reach 110 followers for the next week, start sharing your content on Discord

:v: :beers: May the force be NEAR you

Approved - 14 memes & Creation of a channel - $73

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Thank youo for everything! I am from Dominican Republic.

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@Portes ! Hey Miguel another countryman ! You all can start collaborating, why you dont open a Telegram Channel together ? So you can build a community of NEAR on Republica Dominicana

Si, estamos pensando iniciar un telegram de NEARDOMINICANA con todos los colaboradores del país. Muchas gracias por la idea y mantenerte siempre interesado en hacer más grande la comunidad de Near en la República Dominicana.

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