Sandbox [July 2021] Reward Claim of [Raul0287#1102]

  1. Series
  2. Type of Activity - Content creation
  3. Creation of memes for SWINE Guild
  4. Results
  5. Relevant name of guild is SwineGuild
  6. Total 50 NEAR (as agreed with Swine guild)
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@coyotefugly could you confirm this one please?

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@Raul0287 could you please change the month to “August” in the title ?

This is kind of a misunderstanding because I did not know Raul had never used the Sandbox and wasn’t familiar with the Rolling Rewards list when I told him he should go through Sandbox to get compensated for the memes he made last month, so that is where the confusion is coming from. I should have been more clear about that when I spoke with him. To make this easier, since this is a situation we created, I will pay him the 50 NEAR from Swine Guild.

I initially made an offer to pay some new applicants, including @Raul0287, to make some memes for 50 NEAR, but then I had to take the offer back because we weren’t ready to manage others and thought we might need separate/extra funds if people want to make a lot of content. We kind of jumped the gun on the hiring process so I had to tell those applicants to wait until August and we will set up a salary for them to make a certain amount of content a month. This is being implemented already. However, I told Raul to apply for the rewards to any memes he made through the Sandbox. Now I see I didn’t explain that situation to him very well, that is my fault.

Sorry for the complication!

Thank you for the clarification @coyotefugly !

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