Sandbox(january) Reward Claim of (Tagozz#0416) (Tagozz.near)

Hello team and NEAR community
I’m Taghrid Zebian, Lebanese live in Lecheria Venezuela new here working with some Translations English Spanish and Arabian …
Here are my translations for these period .

USD $ 20.95

USD $ 31.4

USD $22.7

Estimated final reward
USD$ 75.05


Hello Taghrid, Welcome, approved, I saw you have from 6 to 7 claps on your medium publications.

We will need you to follow our feedback: It is important to spread the information using twitter for example, and sharing it within the Arab communities.

Also, please add the link to the original articles on your publications.

Please do so, and update this with the links to twitter or pics to the engagement on the Arab community.

Thank you yes i will