Sandbox [January] Reward Claim of [PepegaSandwich#7295]

Task: Discord Server Maintenance and Management
Project: [December] Galaxy online project opportunity: help us with community management

I was hired for this task by @AnaNastya from OWS on 10th January after the interviews. So I am proposing ($400) the 20 days amount of the total monthly discussed reward i.e. $600
While working on the project I managed to do a lot of different things such as:
/Server role configuration
/Role-permission moderation
/Creating and configuration of different types of chats, including technical chat for bot usage and configuration and administrative chat, as well as the role and permission configuration of latter as well.
/Verification system which allows regular users to pass with ease while making a hard time for chat spamming “nukebots”. Made with the usage of a bot.
/Filled in Infos and rules.
Some pictures to show the current result:


This bot gives you a special role after you verify, that allows you to chat and join voice channels.

And a few more screenshots for a scale

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Thank you for your work