Sandbox, [January] reward claim of [kayceee#2355]

Claim 1.
Channel creation with the name Kay.Near.
Reward $3

Claim 2.


Social Media Near Force

Briefly describe the Activity: Sustain your channel: grow your followers, posting updates/News/Comments. Also promotes the Ecosystem related post.

Provide the link to the end result:

$50 for half Month

Claim 3.
Share your experience with the OWS team
Reward 2N

Estimate your reward accounting for the all activities:
$53 + 2N

Thank you very much!

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wow i like this, it help in promoting near ecosystem.

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Thanks for the compliment, i sincerely appreciate!

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Approved: $25 (occasional activity) + 2N + $3 creation bonus.

tot: $28 + 2N

You created Twitter in December! Thanks.

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Thanks for your review sir @Jacopo ,

Your team is compensating my efforts for half of this month and you are referring me to December.
Did creating a Twitter account in December affected my work from 1st to 13th January 2022?
Secondly, no reward for channel creation.

This is unfair even if it’s my first time i feel i should be rewarded according.

Please review my work for January not occasional tweet please.Preformatted text