Sandbox [JANUARY] Reward Claim of [ilker|NEAR#7660] [ilkeribo.near]

CLAİM 1: Create a channel
reward :3$

CLAİM 2: Content Creation <> and <> and <>

CLAİM 3: Sustain your channel 100+ followers

TOTAL REWARDS: 3+418+100=521$
I am so sorry but I can’t put lınks on topic because I am new so Near Forum does not allow. So I share one drive links and I wrote them on there . Thank you so much

Dear @IlkerNear
You twitter consists mostly of retweets with no captions, while in order to get good traction you need to create your own tweets or add engaging captions.

Claim 1: 3 USD approved
Claim 2: Rejected: Unfortunately your Medium account has only 2 followers which means that there is no audience to read your content just yet). To create value for the ecosystem, you need to find your public that will read your contents.
Claim 3: Rejected (only retweets). Please check this to learn some good social media practices as well: OWS Weekly AMA: Social Media Best Practices - YouTube