Claim 1
Create a new channel: 3$
Provide the link to the end result:

Claim 2
Social Media Near Force
Briefly describe the Activity: Sustain your channel: grow your followers, posting updates/News/Comments. Also promotes the Ecosystem related post.
Occasional tweets: 50$
Provide the link to the end result:

Claim 3
Type Of Activity: Simple design
Briefly Describe The Activity: 5 simple designs
Link Provided to the end result:

Estimated rewards: 25$

Claim 4
Type Of Activity: Infographic
Briefly Describe The Activity: A thread of 10 infographic
Link Provided to the end result:

Estimated rewards: 125$

Claim 5
Type Of Activity: Translate
Briefly Describe The Activity: Translate tweets into Vietnamese
Link Provided to the end result:


Total: 3+50+25+125+26=229$

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Hi @ptanhngoc1205, thanks for your contribution!

Claim 1: Approve for $3

Claim 2: Approve for $25 as we only run for half of a cycle this month. Well done!

Claim 3: Unfortunately, only pieces of work before Jan 13 are rewarded for this month. Approve for $15


Claim 4: Approved for $125. Well done

Claim 5: Approve for $24.


Reason: this one doesn’t have correct hashtags and the translated content doesn’t reflect enough original content.

Approved for submitting DAO application by OWS Moderator. ToT: 3+25+15+125+24=$192

Big small letter: Thank you so much for your contribution so far. As of February, OWS will leverage its activities on projects and guilds, many new opportunities will be available on our Dashboard. I encourage you to continue sustaining your own channel and keep engaging with us, this can be helpful for further opportunities as we keep growing together. Cheers for the beginning of a NEAR year!