Sandbox [December2021] Reward Claim of [dontgiveup#9348]

This is the OWS Claim Sheet. Happy New Year :blush:
Claim #1: Simple Design

Estimated Reward = 16*5=$80

Claim#2: Share the Post to the other communities

  1. Aurora Chat community

2. Discord
3. Wannaswap Community share

Estimated Reward = 3*3=$9

Claim#3: Social MEDIA Force
Link for the result,
Daily Activity in the Social Media, rewards is 100$

Claim#4: Completing the OWS Journey Form
Reward : 2 $NEAR

Claim#5: OWS Christmas Contest
Occupied the 2nd place| reward amount is 10 $NEAR

Total Estimated Reward is 80 +9 +100=$189 + 12 $NEAR


Hi, thank you for your contribution
Please notice that simple designs must have at least 3 likes and there is a limit of 5 designs per one person in one month
1 claim: 15x5 = 75 USD
2 - 5 claim - approved
Total: 196 USD

Dear @AnaNastya ,
All the Simple Designs are Got more than 5 likes only. Which one you are talking about?
Here, In twitter link, showing retweets/ likes are wrong data Seems.
Please direct into twitter page.


Yeap, probably there is a mistake on the near forum. However, the limit of 5 designs max from one person is still valid

Thanks for the Reply,

So total I can claim for 196$ + 12 Near (Reward + Journey form)


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Hi Anna, when i check in the OWS reward list , it doesnt matches the NEAR to be rewarded, can you please check once…!

Hi Ana,

can you check once and update the sheet, else the proposal will get rejected