Sandbox [December] Reward claim of [stellajay#6307]

Claim 1.


Social Media Near Force

Briefly describe the Activity: Sustain your channel: grow your followers,daily posting updates/News/Comments. Also promotes the Ecosystem related post.

Provide the link to the end result:


Channel creation: I created a channel Named ‘NEARVILLA’

Claim 2.
One time bonus for reaching 200 + followers


Claim 3. Fill out the OWS journey form for reward of 2 $NEAR

Estimate your reward accounting for the all activity: (100+3+50) Total =$153 plus 2$NEAR

Thank you

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Hi Stellajayss, thank you for your submission, I received your message on Discord and your claim will be reviewed in due time :white_check_mark:

Please keep in mind that we will start reviewing December claims after the 3rd of January and will get back to you with feedback by the 6th of January. Our team will be out of office between the 24th of December and the 3rd of January. Thank you for your patience and enjoy the holidays!

Fill in the OWS Journey feedback form and get a 2$ NEAR reward during the Jan payout period!

Big small letters: in order to be eligible for the payout, you should have completed the contributor profile form (to be done only ONCE during your whole OWS adventure): Contributor Form

Hello @Stellajayss as your account is temporarily restricted, your reward is rejected.

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Good day, sorry for the inconveniences please don’t reject my reward claim, my account is functioning properly although I had a little network challenge last night that was fixed after one hour.

Please help me review my claim one more time, if it says same you can then reject.

Am pleading you grant this and audience.

Thanks in anticipation of a positive response

@Sofia_Alum , @FritzWorm Please help review once again, I really worked hard in December and deserve to be rewarded.

My Twitter account is ok

Thanks guys

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Hello ! I do like your work, seems pretty good start

Feedback: Could you tag the open web sandbox more, and interact / reply more to other users to receive more engagement

Remember the idea is that you build your own community and Twitter is a communication channel, it is not just about retweets to the same account (20) from nearfocus12 ok ?

There will be no rewards for followers anymore, we need interaction. :rocket:

Thanks for your work, hope you can improve for the next month :white_check_mark:

Amount approved: $103 + 2 NEAR

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Thank you for your review, I will definitely get better and improved my work.

Bless you!

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