Sandbox [December] Reward Claim of [Near Project Update#2515]

Claim#1 : Social Media NEAR Force


Type of activity: Twitter Social Media Near Force

Briefly describe the activity: Grow your followers, posting updates/news/comments. Daily Activities with captions.

Provide the link to the end result: @NearUpdates

Estimate your reward accounting for all the activities = $100 USD

Claim #2: Content Creation


Type of activity: Infographics

Briefly describe the activity: Infographics for NEAR games

Provide the link to the end result:

Estimate your reward accounting for all the activities: $10 USD

Claim #3: Content Creation


Type of activity: Simple design

Provide the link to the end result:
Night mare simple design ( Near )

Goat simple design ( Near )

west American simple design ( Near )

vtk simple design ( Near )

jack simple design ( Near )

old man simple design ( Near )

Nearian life simple design ( Near )

goblin simple design ( Near )

Mr. Officer simple design ( Near )

Harry Potter simple design ( Near )

John wick simple design ( Near )

Kaby simple design ( Near )

Professor simple design ( Near )

Spider Man simple design ( Near )

Near twitter simple design ( Near )

Estimate your reward accounting for all the activities: 15 * 5 = $ 75 USD

Share your experience with the Open Web Sandbox
Rewards = 2 NEAR

Total rewards claim: $ 100 + $10 + $75 = $185 USD + 2 Near


Approved: 2NEAR.

Thank you for the Contribution Towards Open Web Sandbox, Wish you a Happy New Year.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t Approve your Claim This Month, It is Been noted that your account content has likes only from Certain Accounts, Which we presume is from your Friends, OWS Does not Encourage this Activity. Sometimes Getting Minimum Likes in order to Fulfil OWS Requirements is Difficult, Check out our AMA on best Social Media Practices. This Might Help your Account to Reach better Community Engagement.

We also no longer reward memes as seen from our OWS Opportunities.

We hope you take this feedback constructively.

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They all my followers not my friends

What about claim 1
Twitter social media NEAR force
I done it correctly
It doesn’t need any minimum likes