Sandbox december reward claim of mamuyante#5412


  1. Type Of Activity: Creation Of Channel

  2. Briefly Describe The Activity:

    Creation Of Twitter Channel

  3. Twitter Link:

Estimated Reward: 3 USD


1.   Type Of Activity: Social Media Near 

 2.   Briefly Describe The Activity:
        Sustain Your Channel: Grow Your 
         Followers, Posting 

  3.   Link Provided To The End Result On 

    Estimated Reward: 100 USD


 1.   Type Of Activity:  Simple Designs

2.  Briefly Describe The Activity:
     Creation Of 15 Simple Designs
  1. Link Provided To The End Result On

Estimated Reward:  90 USD

 Total Estimated Reward:

3 USD + 100 USD + 90 USD = 193 USD

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HI.Add me to the discord Mateo Vukoja#1831

Hello @mamuyante

Why are you doing a claim for account creation if this is not the first claim with this twitter ?

Please avoid to post more than 3 news with simple designs on the same day, this will lower the interaction.

Also, please read carefully the instructions, here the payment request guideline is very clear about the post title

In addition, simple design can be improved, I recommend to do so

You had our feedback last month on meme improvement, now the same with simple designs.

Finally, I am really sorry I have to reject this claim, hope you can follow instructions and improve for the next time.

2 NEAR approved :white_check_mark:

Hello sir

Please there’s a mistake somewhere, for channel creation, i just found there’s a reward for it so i applied and for creation of simple designs, i created my simple designs with they were pretty nice, I even created one as a sample for confirmation by moderators before i started, please sir look in to my case file and having been improving every month and became apart of @Nearprotocol. Please help me out

Thanks in advance

Hey no worries, you can improve, design are meant for designers, the good thing is that with internet we can learn a lot and start practicing, so yeah you are welcome to learn more about it and come next month and improve your simple designs in order to create value for the NEAR ecosystem and we will be happy to accept your claim.

Also, about Daily Activity, please be aware that there has to be interaction, replies, retweets, with more than 5 likes on each of your tweets.

If the work done is good, we all will be convinced.

Edit: I will accept the 15 posts as normal tweets for occasional activity

$50 occasional activity approved +2 NEAR

but next month this should be improved in order to be accepted…

Please, next month will be necessary to see legit accounts interacting with you, you can reply and interact with other twitter accounts on the ecosystem and you should build your own community, I am seeing that some post are liked just by yourself and by Sylvester or other flagged contributors from the OWS.

The idea of channel creation is that you build and maintain your own community, and not cross lines from the OWS contributors



I actually did regular postings/news/updates every single day and here i am receiving reward for occasional tweets instead for regular tweet and simple designs not even one of them was approved
It’s well fritz