Sandbox [December] Reward claim of [I am not a Rapper#2054]

Claim# 1
Activity: winner of Christmas AMAs Quiz
1 of 3 winners of the contest
Contest link: Christmas AMAs Quiz
Final result link: Discord
Expected reward : 5 $NEAR

Claim #2
Activity: attended OWS survey
Expacted reward : 2 $NEAR

Hi @IamnotRapper, thank you for your submission.

Your proposal will be reviewed in due time. Meanwhile, please correct the title:
“Sandbox [Relevant month] Reward Claim of [Your discord handle]”

This is very important for later data analysis, Thank you!

Hi @IamnotRapper, congratulations on winning our Christmas AMAs Quiz!

Approved for DAO application for 7 $NEAR by Moderator

yeah thank you I really appreciate this and I hope I can join more events on the OWS in the future sincerely

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