Sandbox [December] Reward Claim of [Bernard Jeba Raja#3755]

Claim #1: Social media channel


Type of activity: Social media NEAR force

Briefly describe the activity: Grow your followers, posting updates/news/comments.

Provide the link to the end result: @NearChennai

Estimate your reward accounting for all the activities: 100 USD

Claim# 2: Content creation


Type of activity: Simple-design

Provide the link to end of the activity;

Estimate the reward for activity; 25 USD

Claim# 3: Content Creation


Type of activity: NEAR Protocol price analysis

Provide the link to end of the activity:

Estimate the reward for activity: 60 USD

Total rewards: 100 USD + 25 USD + 60 USD = 185 USD

And filled
Open Web Sandbox feedback form - 2 NEAR
Happy Near Year 2022

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Hello Bernard, thanks for your contribution !

Love your memes, you claim them as simple design, I dont know if this is going to be possible for next month because simple designs are not meant for meme design, but as I said, maybe is my soft spot hehe, I love your memes, I will approve occasional activity beause of it.

About the trading analysis, please improve for the next time, sharing here with you one of mine:

Few words and a price prediction wont count as Analytical analysis article

In addition, most of your tweets dont have any interaction:

Please reach us on Discord for more feedback and guide,

Approved amount: $50 + 2N

Cheers :beers:

Thanks for the review @FritzWorm and

There’s an rewards for the TWITTER occasionally activity?
And OWS survey rewards?

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Yep 2N for OWS survey approved + occasional activity

Thanks for the review @FritzWorm

Is occasionally activity rewards didn’t mentioned?!
Will you mentioned in the claims of Excel sheet? @FritzWorm

Yep, Excel sheet will show $50 + 2N, thanks Bernard

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Claim for SIMPLE DESIGN $25 ?!

Total $25+$50+2NEAR?!

Sorry @Bernard2701 there is no reward for memes, even when I like them, you should contact @naveen_in or @cryptocredit that are leading the two meme guilds I know of


Ok Cool
Thanks @FritzWorm

Thanks @FritzWorm for the tag. :blush:

Hey @Bernard2701 !
You can join our telegram group for the MEME rewards.

Link: Telegram: Contact @NearMemeDaily


@naveen_in Done