1. Type Of Activity: Social Media Near Force

  2. Briefly Describe The Activity:
    Sustain Your Channel: Grow your followers,posting updates/news/comments.
    3)Link Provided to the end result on CLAIM 1

Estimated Rewards: 100 USD


  1. Type Of Activity: Creation Of Simple design

  2. Briefly Describe The Activity: Creation of 15 Simple design

3)Link provided to the end result on twitter:

Estimated Rewards: 75 USD

  1. Type Of Activity: Creation Of Infographic

  2. Briefly Describe The Activity: Creation of 5 infographic

  3. Link provided to end results on twitter:

Estimated Rewards: 60 USD

Total Estimated Rewards:100+75+60= 235Usd

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Hi Adaprecious, thank you for your submission, your claim will be reviewed in due time :white_check_mark:

Please keep in mind that we will start reviewing December claims after the 3rd of January and will get back to you with feedback by the 6th of January. Our team will be out of office between the 24th of December and the 3rd of January. Thank you for your patience and enjoy the holidays!

Fill in the OWS Journey feedback form and get a 2$ NEAR reward during the Jan payout period!

Big small letters: remember to reach out one of the moderators on discord, and in order to be eligible for the payout, you should have completed the contributor profile form (to be done only ONCE during your whole OWS adventure): Contributor Form

There are irrefutable similarities between your work and the work submitted in another proposal (same font on simple designs, same kind of tweets - both text and content-wise, same usage of infographics created by someone else). This is an abuse of the offered opportunities by means of creating multiple accounts and is punishable by a perpetual ban from the Open Web Sandbox.

Thanks a lot for this

I have just one account working for sandbox and the other account in question is the person I bought to sandbox…

She is new here and don’t know how things are done around here,I actually recommend those 2 accounts for her to get info to tweet and sometimes too she get tweets from my post…

For the simple designs I was paid by her to create them,is it a crime to do so?

Pls reconsider this decision of yours…

The initial decision regarding your ban from the OWS has remained the same due to the reasons explained above. Therefore, your January claim is considered invalid.