(Report) Talk and win show

The talk and win show has been going smoothly so far. I have hosted 3 episodes of this show.

The aim of this show was to engagement and educate newly onboarded members on how to navigate and make the best use of the near x art Dao and near ecosystem at large.

However, the show saw a good number of newbies attendees which Near was created for them. List of the newbies.

  1. Oladokun.near
  2. jagunlion.near
  3. Jejeoluwatobi.near
  4. Adedolapo.near
  5. denysdavies.near
  6. iam_mda.near
  7. themichaeldavid.near
  8. Tehilanear.near
  • The first one on Telegram. Link here - The topic was Introduction To Near Protocol

  • The second episode was on Twitter space: I introduced them to Near NFT market place, how it started and how they can mint

Link here

  • The third episode was on Twitter - We discussed about how we can impact the creatives in the near ecosystem, we introduced Near x Art Dao mandate to newbies, different people shared ideas of how we can grow the community. Listen to recorded version here

All transactions was in the Near x art treasury: Nearxart.sputnik-dao.near

Link to some of the approved transaction on Astrodao:




The show as not ended yet. I still have a few episodes to host. The extension was as a result of the delay in funds.

Check out flyers for the show


Kudos to you! Thanks for the report