[REPORT] Tabear's contribution for the Marma J Foundation

Hello Marma J family!

Here you’ll find my reports on what I have done so far for the Foundation/ DAO.


  • Introduction call with @chloe - 1h

  • community call on the 9.1. & 16.1. - 1.5h

  • updating the guides - 1.5h

hours: 5.75 = 11.5 $marmaj
& 2 Blogposts 20 $marmaj


Thanks so much @tabear.

Total: 31.5 $marmaj

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report 24.-31.1.:

  • Wrote a Blogpost on how to mint NFTs through the DAO with a custom function call (also tried & minted :D) - 10 $marmaj
  • worked on collaboration from MarmaJ & muti DAO for the Valentines’s Day card event
  • community call 30.1. 1h - claimed through bounty

total 10 $marmaj

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Hey there,

due to some unforeseen events happening end of feb/march, the last 4 weeks have been a bit slow.


  • finished and published the blog article about @AshleyC;
  • wrote report and budget for the MarmaJ DAO
  • participated in one internal and external community call
  • and had one call with @chloe for the next tasks (21.3./ 0.5h)

I also met with @Chluff to get some material for the next blog text about the MJ community.

Next ideas would be to write more articles about the community, experimenting with 3xr and cfc to create some more guides and eventually trying out multicall with muti to use that as a guide for the community too.dddd

As mentioned during the call, current rate would be 3$marmaj/hour, let me know if this is still correct:

  • Blog article 15 $marmaj
  • report 1.5h / 4.5 $marmaj
  • call 0.5h / 1.5 $marmaj
    total: 21 $marmaj

Looks great to me. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hey there,
since the last report I have

total: 16.5 $marmaj

Let me know if this is ok or if the values should be adjusted, given the current price of $marmaj :slight_smile:

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Thank you so so so so much for the support Tabea <3 as always, much appreciated.

funding amount is fine :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:, $marmaj will fluctuate quite a bit in USD price, but 1 marmaj is always 1 marmaj <3.

I altered my own bounty amount recently to lower it to 2.19 (good number eh?). If you ever feel as though the amount is too much, feel free to request less :woman_shrugging:t5:, but imo the support that you provide the marmaj community is well worth it.

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Heya, report for the week 4.-8.4.:

  • wrote the new budget 0.45 / 1.5 $marmaj
  • created a guide for how to mint a 3xr gallery through the MMJ DAO / 15 $marmaj
  • created a guide on how to use the stN x $marmaj farm on ref / 15 $ marmaj
  • created a blogpost on how to create a DAO on Astro / 15 $marmaj
  • prepared and sent questions for the next blogpost about @sour_icky
  • attended the internal MMJ call on TG

total would be: 46.5 $marmaj (excl. the 1 mmj internal call)

Once the blogposts are fully reviewed and published, will link them in here. Let me know if I should adjust the values :slight_smile:

3 blogposts per week was the max. i did until now and it defo took quite some time, as all of them need a lot of pics and I tried to keep them as easy to understand as possible for newcomers. I hope they will be able to support new folks entering web3 and the MMJ community :slight_smile:

I also learned more about cli thanks to @Chluff, the wizard of cli, and we created a zombie dao as well as a new DAO with a specific group for the community to only vote on polls.


haha this needs to eventually become a guide as well :laughing: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :joy: values are great <3


report from the 11.-15.4.:

12$ marmaj for blogs
1 $ marmaj for internal call


Hey there, here is my report from the last week:

  • updated the MIntbase Guides on the Website 0.5h/ 1.5 $mmj
  • created another guide on how to buy a Paras NFT through the DAO 8 $mmj
  • created report and next budget for the Creatives DAO 1h/3 $mmj
  • participated in the collaborators call on TG on the 1.5. (requested separately)

total: $12.5 mmj


Happy Mother’s Day!
Report from the last week is short:

  • updated the guide for minting a 3xr gallery through the DAO 1h / 3 $mmj
  • changed 2 tiny things in the monthly budget request (from DAI to N and info to the 3xr gallery collection)
  • participated in the collaborators call in TG (requested separately)

total: $3 mmj

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Hello everyone,

report from this week:

  • worked on an Update of the first Paras post which finally was not needed
  • created and published a second Paras Guide for NFTs on an external marketplace $ 15 mmj
  • created a doc with onboarding materials for NEAR EDU $3.5 mmj

total: $18.5 mmj

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report from my last activities: h $mmj
Creatives DAO Report May & budget June 2 6mmj
Marketing report for the Workshop 0.75 1.3 mmj
Meeting chloe 7.6. 0.5 1.5 mmj
Fast Grant report 1 3mmj

total: 11.8 $mmj


Hello, here is a report of the last weeks:

Tasks hours $mmj
Google form nearhub 0.75 1.75 $mmj
Contributor’s call 4.9. 3 $mmj
Report june & budget July 5.5 16.5 $mmj
Report & budget august draft 0.5 1.5 $mmj
July/August report 1 3 $mmj
September budget 0.5 1.5 $mmj
Updating farming guide 2.75 8.25 $mmj
Internal call 31.8. 3 $mmj

total: 38.5 $mmj