[REPORT] Spiritual DAO Content Creation Team - july

[REPORT] Spiritual DAO Content Creation Team

Project participants

@Asadmusic - audio engineer

@Lpky - art designer

@C0D3 - video editor



Project Status Completed

Project Accounting

Spiritual DAO content creation team create and edit the content of the month

What we have accomplished in july

We are finishing the creative content for this month, even with the lack of time.

The links for the minted arts and videos are below. In each NFT you can find the link for the youtube video.

(three meditations are in rendering process)


We are very happy with our result. We get a good team in two ways: good professionals with good work; and nice people to increase our community. We are working toghether and very well.

Next Steps

We will keep the team for nexts months to create our content <3

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