[REPORT] Social Media Management Filipino Artist Guild Report June 2022

Good Day NEAR!

Guild Name: Filipino Artist Guild



Month Of June Has come To End and we all Welcome the Month Of July with a Big Hope For the Prosperity of Our Mission In Near.

You Can Read More of the Details here in GUILD INTRODUCTION

Here is Our Last Summary Report In Marketing Dao For the Month Of June last Month.
Social Media Report For the Month of May.

This past Few weeks Our Team Is Doing our best to cater all The Task And Partnership we have, and also we Push Our goal to onboard and Help Filipino Artist in Near Community in different ideas we have in mind how to Help Them and Also Help The whole community.

We open Partnerships, Collaborations and Giveaways to different platforms and Projects in Near.
Here are the summary of The Events and collaborations we Have For the Month of June.


We Hosted Giveaways In Discord and Twitter with Nft Projects:
•Near Tribes
•Near Labs
•Near Dungeons

Next is Our Partnership/ Collaboration:
We have a Partnership With The Auction, and one of the Marmaj Contributors.

With This Partnership we Help The Nft Filipino Artist to be Onboarded in Other Marketplaces and oppurtunity in Web3,.

We have partnered with The Auction Since testnest before until now that they are live on mainnet already.
We also Guide our Nft Creatore To mint Nfts in mintbase and List Their Nfts In the Auction Secondary Marketplace in Near.


Next Is Our Twitter Account Featuring and supporting Some of The Nft Collections from Apollo World and in Paras marketplace, we post Some of tweets in Twitter and Create a Meme Banner To be posted and Shared to Filipino Artist Guild Facebook page.

And last For this Report is Our Social Medias.
As you can see in Our Month Of may Overview Report we indicated and attach some explainations and Screenshots of Our Social media, but also we are happy To share with You here The engagement we have.
With the Help Of Our Team we Reach this Kind Of Engagement and Expand more And introduce what is near to other people.
We are educating new members to learn and Try to Explore and take their first Step In Near Protocol by means keep being active in all our social media accounts and Channels.

Official Links Of Filipino Artist Guild

Twitter Account:

Discord Server:

Telegram Main Channel:

Facebook Page:

Telegram Channel For Retweets and Links :

Artist Workshop:

We also Hosted AMA with AVA Bithold And Talk and Discuss more of their plans and Initiative To push in Near Metaverse.

Artist Workshop has a sunday Call Session for 2 to 3 hours every Sunday Night to Teach and Discuss the Lessons to Student who present In that Time.
While Our Discord, we also Doing Our best to Upgrade it to a healthier and Active community. We are taking Our step since month of June until Now and Our team already Preparing a lot of things To do to all Our social media . We are Still Doing our best and Try to learn everything For our Guild.

Thanks Guys and The Future Is Near​:pray::philippines::fire:

More Metrics and Reports attached in our main june 2022 report under Creatives.
Thank you so Much and LFG Fam​:rocket::rocket:


Hey @Ligaya , Thanks for the report! Can you edit the title and out FAG name as well so it’s easy to understand for which project is the report?


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Hello there Fam,I totally Forgot to add the Guild name, but i already edit the Title. Thank You​:heart:


Great job. Thanks for sharing the report!

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