[report] smile selfie challenge july 2022 by young fresh dao

In a spirit of happiness, and a quest to spread love and engage the community , we had our second edition of the smile challenge, which is always engaging as ussual.
This time we took a different turn in selecting the winners,for the first edition winners was selected by top likes on the forum.
We experimented a new strategy in selecting winners to engage our on.chain community members, and to also keep them inclined with community activities, we had the votes on our astro dao.

@vanengs won first position with the highest engagement on the gov. forum with 72 likes and 2 comments, and won 30$

The remaining winners was selected by votes of on.chain community members. council members were not eligible to vote.
@pootlongto11 : 14 votes :25$
@yonakawaii : 12 votes : 25$
@cedrick.near : 11 votes : 25$
@Doangiaphong : 9 votes : 25$
All rewards was requested individually by winners on our astrodao and paid to their wallets.


Hello @larkim

I guess that there are so many activities going on at Young fresh DAO, but i still curious to see those artistic material that comes out of those proposals.
As i asked you on open call for songwriters and poets I miss images(prints) and links of the reported actions, such as social media treds and minted NFTs that could certify your DAO’s production on the blockchain.

Could you update us with some feedbacks?

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Hi @blusw , Thank you so much for your response and acknowledging our efforts.
We had our open call for songwriters and Poets on our twitter page , our intention is to reach a wider range of people and let them have a grisp of what is going on in our community.
We had a total of 24 entries submitted, 2 entries was disqualified because there were not original entries.
I will post a link of each of the entries below
Entry 1

Entry 2

Entry 3

Entry 4

Entry 5

Entry 6

Entry 7

Entry 8

Entry 9

Entry 10

entry 11

entry 12

entry 13

entry 14

entry 15

entry 16

entry 17

entry 18

entry 19

entry 20

entry 21

entry 22

entry 23

( Pardon me for too many words, I like to break down my explanation to bits.:grin:

Council members selected 12 entries from all entries received, then we had a voting process where all 12 contestants sollicits for votes to be among the top 5.
We eventually had our Top 5 winners, 2 poets, 1 spoken word artist and 2songwriters.
In the spirit of oness and collaboration we minted the poets entry in writers guild store ( 2 entries).

We minted the spoken word entry and songwriters entry in our store ( 3 entries)…
We educated winners on minting process,added them to our store so they can mint their works by themselves and learn about the process

music store

We also have a smile collection store inspired by our selfie smile challenge. This store is aimed at sharing love and happiness between community members and also to support the activities in our dao .

smile collection store


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