[REPORT] Rebelwise - Children of the Sun Music Video (May-June)

Here is our final report for our May proposal.

Project Name: Rebelwise DAO

Project Status: Children of the Sun Music Video → Completed. Viewing links:

Original project / proposal: Children of the Sun Music Video Project . → Approved proposal .

Council members:

  • sevenvision.near
  • queenblessings.near
  • ashelseasunz.near

Current DAO balance: 84N

AstroDAO: rebel-wise.sputnik-dao.near


  • Completion of 3 professional video shoots.
  • Completion of additional visuals for NFTs / promotional material
  • Additional advanced rotoscoping work (visual FXs)
  • Completion of the video edit.
  • Ongoing education in NEAR, AstroDAO and web3 space for current members.


  • Due to the market drop, we were forced to cut out some of the expenses while adapting to successfully complete the project.


  • Total requested / approved: 2000 USD (originally) which ended up being around $1300 when transferred (due to market drop).

All funds have been spent:

  • Project coordination by @queenblessings: $85
  • Pre-production, storyboard planning, directing and cinematography by @sevenvision (including all professional equipment): $200
  • Additional advanced rotoscoping (visual effects): $85
  • Lunch and fuel for performers and crew: $80
  • Over 20 hours of editing at $40 / hour = $780. Bringing all of the footage together into a complete, cohesive form, including color correction, titles and visual effects layering (by @sevenvision
  • Additional stock footage: $63