[REPORT] NxM Discord Server Activity For The Month Of December

NxM Discord Report for December 2021

For the month of December, Asides the regular updates and information sync with NxM DAO Socials. I did some pruning of the NxM Discord Server and also renamed some channels on the server for clarity and ease of access.

The pruning I did led to some redundant and unoptimized channels being removed from the Server.

The list of removed channels from the NxM Discord Server are listed below

  • Hackathon Channel
  • Flex Channel
  • Now Playing
  • Collab
  • Off-Topic
  • Server Suggestion
  • NxM Metaverse Events
  • Onboarding
  • Bounty

The main purpose of deleting these channels is majorly due to the overload of available channels that are already carrying the essence and information sharing of other channels within the same server. This channel overload would psychologically throw a visitor off balance and might confuse them as to what channel holds what information that they seek. All deleted channels already have a similar standby channel that wholly or almost completely serves the same purpose.

With this pruning, The NxM Discord Server now has some simplicity and ease of acess and at the same time still retains its glory. Fewer channels with precise and concise information makes the server easily accessible to visitors now.

The NxM monthly Discord Trivia scheduled to hold on the 23rd didn’t hold as planned as only 1-2 people showed up for the event, The quiz had to be flagged off since it didn’t suffice enough to qualify as trivia with only 1-2 participants from a community that numbers into the hundreds. The extremely low turnout was largely due to the festive and obviously community members were also part of the glitz and preparing themselves for the festive.

With the ongoing logistical
and administrative transition in the NxM guild, an addition to these would be a monthly rap cipher on the NxM discord server which would be broadcasted by live voice stream. More details of this would be enunciated in a proposal to be submitted to the NxM DAO in the New Year.

NxM is a power guild, and this just reverberates the immutability of what music brings to the human dynamic. Happy New year in advance folks

Infinite Love. John X

Target: freedomandflow.near
payout amount: 14.9 ($200)