[REPORT] Meta Pool on Venezuela during June 2024

I’m pleased to present the tasks I have carried out for Meta Pool in Venezuela during the month of June. My main objective has been to create educational content for people in my native language. To achieve this, I have performed the following tasks:

I have written one blog for linkedin about the importance of grants in latam.

I have created four threads on Twitter with important content that promotes the advancements and involvements of Meta Pool and everything about mpDAO Grants.

I have created one post in NEAR Social Calling to Vote on the mpDAO Grants.

I held an IRL event in my city on June 14 evidence HERE

I have created one video for X about the IRL held this month where I gave a talk about Meta Pool Governance and a small coffee break while networking among attendees.

I have created one TikTok about how to claim your rewards in Meta Pool and how to recover voting power to continue participating in governance.

I also made 4 X-spaces this month supporting mpDAO Grants initiatives.

Hoping to continue contributing to education and web3 with Meta Pool and continue growing personally.