[Report] - May Chill&Shill Budget

This a report for the monthly funding received by $NEAR Chill&Shill for the following proposal:

Over the past month, we’ve orchestrated 16 Twitter Spaces, each one contributing significantly to the enrichment of the NEAR blockchain community. These interactive sessions allowed us to explore a variety of innovative projects and applications being constructed on NEAR, amplifying our knowledge and admiration for the expansive ecosystem. By engaging our community and welcoming new participants to NEAR, we’ve cultivated a nurturing space for projects to demonstrate their capabilities. Our Spaces have functioned as an insightful platform, raising awareness and forging bonds within the NEAR ecosystem. All in all, NEAR Chill&Shill has experienced another exceptional month.

https://twitter.com/neardc?s=21&t=duNHKA3Po5QL-pufkfpQ5Q - NDC

https://twitter.com/qstnus?s=21&t=duNHKA3Po5QL-pufkfpQ5Q - QSTN

https://twitter.com/naomi_fromhh?s=21&t=duNHKA3Po5QL-pufkfpQ5Q - NearisNao

https://twitter.com/rogues_studio?s=21&t=duNHKA3Po5QL-pufkfpQ5Q - Rogue studio

https://twitter.com/beepopula?s=21&t=duNHKA3Po5QL-pufkfpQ5Q - Beepopula

https://twitter.com/aurora__hunters?s=21&t=duNHKA3Po5QL-pufkfpQ5Q - Aurora hunters

https://twitter.com/neardc?s=21&t=duNHKA3Po5QL-pufkfpQ5Q - Neardc

https://twitter.com/tenamintcards?s=21&t=duNHKA3Po5QL-pufkfpQ5Q - Tenamint

https://twitter.com/playmmc?s=21&t=duNHKA3Po5QL-pufkfpQ5Q - MMC

https://twitter.com/Zomland_Game?s=20 - Zomland Game

https://twitter.com/wotaverse?s=20 - Wotaverse

https://twitter.com/avalonix_world?s=20 - Avalonix world

https://twitter.com/LazyFi_Learning?s=20 - lazyfi

https://twitter.com/PembrockFi?s=20 - Pembrock finance

https://twitter.com/paradox_vc?s=20 - Paradox v.c

https://twitter.com/Metasky_HQ?s=20 - Metasky

As we look back on the last month, we feel a profound sense of gratitude for being able to host these engaging Spaces. The journey thus far, with over 100 spaces focusing on NEAR and its ecosystem, has been truly remarkable. These interactions have fostered stronger connections, promoted a deeper understanding of NEAR, and offered a stage for diverse projects to display their accomplishments. Our heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who has joined us on this journey. As we continue to delve deeper into the NEAR community, we eagerly anticipate the shared learning and collective growth that lie ahead.