[Report] Marketing DAO x GEN CRYPTO Workshop

In November last year the Marketing DAO participated in the Gen Crypto event [PRESENTATION] Marketing DAO - Gen Crypto Bounty

After reviewing the Proposals presented we selected two participants for our Marketing DAO Workshop. This was organized to give an overview of how the DAO operates and for the council members to get to know them.

You can watch the Workshop here:

The password to enter is: pkfe!?0A

We are proud to announce that @Klint and @so608 have agreed to assist the Marketing DAO in the role of Advisors.

They both will make their professional marketing experience available to the ÑEAR community and help the DAO and community members with marketing ideas and proposals.

Both Advisors participated in our weekly DAO @marketingdao-council meeting and it was was great opportunity for all of us to discuss how we can work together going forward.

We are excited to see how our new team can help all community members achieve their marketing goals in 2022!


Thanks @cryptocredit for the introduction to the forum and community. Looking forward to helping support community members’ marketing efforts in this new role.


Glad to see experienced marketing people in the DAO. Many Near Community Members asked for it.

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Looks great! Thanks for getting me onboarded!

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